People who were fully vaccinated in the United States now have more guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on activities. This does not include travel yet.


Airlines for America, an industry organization, has argued that aircraft have a very low risk of virus transmission due to sophisticated cabin ventilation systems, strong disinfection practices and strict rules requiring passengers to wear masks. The industry has also argued that it plays a vital economic role and that further travel restrictions could hinder the recovery.

“We remain confident that this multi-layered approach significantly reduces the risk and we encourage that science continues to confirm that there is a very low risk of virus transmission on board aircraft. The group said.

The first stimulus bill was signed into law nearly a year ago. It included 50 billion dollars In grants and loans to support Airlines IndustriesHindered by the epidemic. In December, Congress approved another $ 15 billion in grants to keep airline workers employed. Relief bill Passed by the Senate On Saturday, it includes an additional $ 14 billion for airlines, which is a measure applauded By the industry.

In a Monday letter to President Biden’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Geoffrey De Zentz, a coalition of travel and commercial tourism groups, requested to work with the White House on federal guidance for “temporary health credentials” for the virus, Which can be used to safely and uniformly check test results or vaccination status. They argued that such instructions could have benefits beyond flying.

“It could encourage widespread adoption of processes to verify test and vaccination records, from sports grounds to restaurants, business meetings, parks, and more,” the group wrote.

Ms Psaki said during a briefing on Tuesday that the Biden administration welcomed “the ideas that will come from the private sector and nonprofits” about how people can prove they have received the vaccination, but that “our focus from the federal government is on getting more people vaccinated, and this is where it is.” Where we feel we can use our resources better. ”

Currently, the Biden administration requires people to travel To the United States From another country to provide a negative virus test. At one point This year, administration officials have been contemplating a similar requirement for domestic travel, a move the airline industry rejected, saying it was unnecessarily restricting and would hurt an already ailing sector. This was said by the CDC in February Wouldn’t recommend Domestic travel test “at this time.”

Brian Petsch Contribute to reporting.

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