Pelosi tries to appease the kids of the Blue Dog problem with a procedural vote on infrastructure


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Budget Adjustment Bill Full of basic software It can finally begin to address racial, class and economic inequality and finally allocate real resources to combating climate change, all areas where the tough, watered-down infrastructure bill has been negotiated with the Republicans, short.

Democratic leaders were working on this two-track process As for Biden’s plans since early June, discussing what will be included in this budget compromise while the bipartisan effort has been put in place over the course of weeks in a series of fits and starts.

The plan was to pass the bipartisan bill in the Senate in July, which of course did not happen due to Republicans slowing down, and then pass the budget resolution quickly. It finally happened in the Senate, weeks later, but it did. The goals now are for the House to pass the budget resolution when they return next week and for the relevant committees in both houses to have parts of the budget compromise by September 15. Moreover, the House is said to be ready to vote first on a budget compromise, writing any vacillating Senate Democrat with a more or less dead-end deal.

Now that the House nine have tried to separate the two bills, Pelosi is appeasing them. Although this is their boss’s plan, they are threatening, this two-track approach has been the plan for weeks, and that – as of last Friday, anyway – there are only nine of them. over there many more Progressives – 96 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

A poll by bloc leaders of their members found a majority among respondents who “confirmed they would withhold their votes in support of bipartisan legislation in the House of Representatives until the Senate adopts a strong reconciliation package.”

With that, Pelosi tries to calm the blue dogs. “I have requested that the Rules Committee explore the possibility of a rule that enhances both a bipartisan budget decision and infrastructure package,” she wrote on Sunday. “This will put us on a path to advance the infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill.” This is an attempt to appease the troublemakers with a procedural vote, give them an inch and then potentially demand everything.

Meanwhile, the two republican leaders Who really don’t have much to tie are united in this: Stop the plan to build back better. To wit: “Senior [Republican] House and Senate budget committee staffers led a call with Republican leadership aides to map out a strategy for how to change House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s move to pass the blueprint for this massive budget resolution in the week of August 23. Thanks for the help out there, Blue Dogs.

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