Paris Hilton and Saweetie paint the city pink in Juicy Couture


Paris Hilton And the Saweetie It spreads rapidly due to its recent detection. Saweetie She shared a video of her with Paris while she was riding in a Bentley convertible on her official TikTok account and since then the virus has spread. Paris also shared a photo montage from Girls’ Day and talked about pink Juicy Couture Sports suits they used to wear. The two are close friends, and Saweetie created the video for her song “Best Friends” featuring Doja Cat. Social media was flooded with comments that Saweetie, 27, was DJ’s 40-year-old best friend and heir.

Since Saweetie’s TikTok video went viral, so too did it Paris HiltonThe photomontage showcases women’s antique clothes. Paris and Souitti wore a Juicy Couture Anniversary hoodie and matched track pants. A hoodie jacket costs around $ 150 and pants costs around $ 99. The costume celebrates Juicy Couture’s 25th anniversary. The clothes are selling fast since Paris has even dressed up in photos and videos. Saweetie also shared a video on her official Instagram account and referred to Paris Hilton as her best friend.

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You might see a TikTok video that Saweetie shared from the duo below.

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I know stepped right! # This is hot #fyp

♬ Best Friend (Doja Cat feat) – Saweetie

Fans also wanted details of Paris Hilton’s outfit including the wallet she was carrying with her shoes. Paris wore a pair of hot pink socks with black hearts. The shoe is Valentino’s Heart Print Rockstud Bodytech Booties. The socks retail for around $ 1,400 but have been selling in multiple outlets since Paris wore them in photos and videos.

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Juicy Couture isn’t the only vintage plush sportwear Paris Hilton has worn. She recently starred alongside Kim Kardashian in a campaign where the pair wore the latest Skits plush sportswear.

You may see the photos Paris Hilton posted on Twitter below.

What do you think of Saweetie and Paris Hilton in Juicy Couture’s anniversary outfits? Do you like suits? Was you surprised to see the two in the video together?

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