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Hey from the costume team … here’s Coleman Domingo!

Coleman Domingo arrives at the 93rd Academy Awards at Union Station in Los Angeles

Coleman Domingo arrives at the 93rd Academy Awards, at Union Station, in Los Angeles.Photo: Chris Bisillo / Reuters

Greetings from Hannah and Morwena on the costume team, here to rate the fashion. You might have read that this year’s party is subject to a strict dress code, designed to stifle the urge to wear track pants: “Formal are just fine if you want to go there, but informal is not,” the organizers said. So no chance to see Glenn Close in pajamas, unfortunately. So relieving, then, that one of the first people on the red carpet is Coleman Domingo What rennie Black Bottom, wearing this cheerful pink suit. Also: It’s a sustainably classic (Versace last season). Let’s hope this is a sign of a racy red carpet appearance.


An interesting thing I noticed E! Lots of interstitial clips are loaded for Last few years ceremony. It’s annoying because there are so many people standing close to each other, and some of them are already famous. It’s making a big difference to this year’s rug, which so far consists of two mysteriously known people shouting at each other from an obviously safe distance.

Mail! The hosts are now talking about social media. They are all so impressed that Laura Dern took her Covid test. Celebrities: They are just like us.

Will there be any after-party parties this year? Surprisingly yes. Variety reports that Andra Day is hosting 80 people in a completely safe evening for Covid virus. The good news is that a peach cobbler will be served to guests. The bad news is that no one will be allowed in until they run a quick test on the site. Well done in Dai to find only 80 people on earth who enjoy the peach cobbler enough to withstand the drought on the test smear.

Newsletter! One person has already made it to the Oscars. It’s Paul Ratchi, who must now suffer within three horrific hours of walking around an unfamiliar train station hoping to find someone to talk to, and wondering if he can get away by just hiding in the toilet cubicle until the celebration begins.

Paul Rasi arrives

Paul Rasie arrives Photo: ABC / Getty Images


With the Oscars still a full three hours away, the E! The coverage currently consists of some hosts who describe whatever they’re wearing. If you keep a little quiet, it’s because there is something a little bit superfluous about the TV presenter’s description describing his shoes.

Correct then. Mail! The cover definitely has a red carpet outside the train station. And I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. I forgot what the train stations look like.

Welcome all to the Guardian’s live blog of what may be the strangest Oscars ever. For an entire year, we’ve been wondering how a movie gala would celebrate movies in a year when there were no films, and now we’re about to find out.

And honestly, I’m a little excited about it. You usually know exactly what to expect at the Oscars: long speeches, complacent praises for the power of cinema, agonizing musical numbers, and long periods of boredom. But this year, anything goes. The music shows are no longer tied to a single location, so they’ll likely be really fun. The organizers had originally promised not to give speeches at Zoom, so we’ll have to see how that holds up.

Best of all, no one knows who will win. Oscars are usually the culmination of a long and grueling award season, with the winners unanimous sometime in January. Not here though. Awards season has been choppy, unanimous – and quite frankly – hardly anyone has seen any of the nominated films. Chloe Zhao Bedouin It tends to glory, but it won’t be released in the UK until next week. Father won’t come out until June, nor another round. True, Hillbilly Elegy is currently available on Netflix but, Jesus Christ, who has the willpower to actually sit by Hillbilly Elegy?

So, a strange year, and a party doomed to be the least watched ever. But, hello, I am glad you are here. This is how the evening will go: For the next three hours I will cover the screams of Hell that represents E! Before the show, with help from the gorgeous Hannah Marriott and Morwena Ferrer. Then (provided I haven’t completely abandoned the will to live at that point) the party will start at 1am UK time and I’ll be with you until the bitter end. looks good? Hassan.



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