Oak & Eden Whiskey announces new anthro series in collaboration with Forrie J Smith


This article was produced in partnership with Oak & Eden.

Durable yet refined, sophisticated yet straightforward. Sure, you can definitely say that about yourself, but can you say that about your bourbon?

Oak and Eden whiskey It is redefining what it means to be unique in your own way in its new way Anthro . seriesA collection of whiskeys designed in collaboration with some of the country’s most prominent personalities. Its newest entry into the Anthro Series assortment: 116 proof bourbon whiskey finished with an American oak wood screw steeped in cold brew coffee. This special edition was produced in partnership with Forrie J. Smith, better known as Lloyd Pierce from the popular Paramount Network television series Yellowstone.

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Forrie J. Smith plays a hard-nosed, but sensitive cowboy in the livestream series, which has led him to become a fan favorite. His complex, smooth addition to Oak & Eden whiskey assortment He combines two of his daily rituals: coffee and bourbon.

The Anthro Series assortment is made possible by the patented Oak & Eden process of in bottle finishingThe brand puts an oak-cut screw (called a spire) into every bottle of perfectly aged whiskey, introducing new flavor profiles and characteristics that weren’t present in the original aging barrel. Brands can then infuse the heater with another drink, such as wine, rum, beer, liqueur, etc., giving the ability to customize each bottle of whiskey to a much higher standard.

“The Anthro chain is the pinnacle of the Oak & Eden brand,” said Brad Netheri, Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Oak & Eden, “We empower people, allowing them to create unique whiskey on their terms, not ours. This is just the beginning of a larger initiative much, and we are honored to be partnering with Forrie… to start the Anthro series.”

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Oak & Eden produces additional collaborations with a variety of characters, from actors to musicians to professional athletes, allowing each to customize the whiskey by choosing the base spirit (bourbon, rye, whipped bourbon, or four-grain bourbon), the guide ( 90 proof or 116 proof), taper wood species (American oak, French oak, maple wood, cherry wood), and taper infusion option to reflect its unique sense of taste and style.

For the latest collection of the Anthro series, visit Oak & Eden websiteAnd make sure to complete the payment Forrie J Smith cold brew coffee with bourbon Available at a retail price of $84.

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