No vaccinations are mandatory in the updated return-to-work protocols in the film and television industry – deadline


Exclusive: Crew and crew Covid-19 vaccinations will not be mandatory for film and television productions under the industry’s newly renegotiated return-to-work protocols. “The mandate at this point may be premature,” a source told Deadline. “This topic has been avoided.”

However, the source noted that the cast and crew still had to be inoculated, “but nothing is mandatory.” The source said the new agreement was a “largely direct extension” of the one that was due to expire on Friday.

The original return to work agreement Reached between Management Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and Hollywood Trade Union Agreement with Hollywood Unions – SAG-AFTRA, DGAAnd the IATSE, The Truck drivers And the basic letter – on September 21, nearly three months before the first Covid-19 vaccine was given in the United States, although vaccines are now widely available, they will not be mandatory on films and television until at least June 30, when The current extension expires.

The current agreement extension contains all provisions of the original agreement, including strictly applied testing systems, physical distance, Covid-19 compliance officers, diligent use of personal protective equipment, and a “zone” system to ensure that different departments are tightly controlled production based on proximity Of the cast, who often can’t wear masks or maintain social distancing while at work. Union officials note that these protocols have made movie sets among the safest places to work in America during the pandemic.

Like the old protocols, the newly expanded agreement gives workers 10 days of paid sick leave that starts May 1 and continues through December 10, and those who used all 10 sick days during the old agreement will have another 10 days, but the unused days they won are added to the 10 Available now.

The requirement for non-mandatory vaccinations is interesting, given the new CDC guidelines Relax Mask requirements for fully vaccinated Americans at outdoor gathering locations. This directive was adopted by Los Angeles County this week, but it will not extend to workplaces.

In response to a special question about film and television production, Los Angeles Director of Public Health, Barbara Ferrer, told Deadline Thursday, “On our Health Officer order, we’re not changing any of our guidelines,” but indicated that, in the long term, it might There will be adjustments for fully inoculated workers.

“We are looking at – with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – workplace adjustments where everyone is fully vaccinated,” Ferrer said, before indicating that any such changes were out of reach.

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