Nicole Newnham directs Doc around the leading feminist sexologist Sherry Hight


Nichole Newnham, director of Academy Award-nominated “Crip Camp”, has arranged her next project. She is set to direct a documentary on pioneering sexual researcher Sheer Hight for NBC News Studios. The deadline broke the news.

Hight liked her first book, “The Hite Report on Female Sexuality,” which was published in 1976. Among other discoveries, the feminist sexologist concluded that 70% of women surveyed in search of a bestseller did not have an orgasm. And that most of the women were able to reach easily by themselves. This knowledge may seem common – or at least unsurprisingly – today but at the time, it was a bomb to bring down a culture that was still largely ignorant of women’s sexuality, despite the recent “sexual revolution”. 50 million copies of the popular “Hite Report” have been sold.

But, as with any feminist achievement, Hite’s groundbreaking research has had its fair share of critics as well. Playboy magazine called its “Hate Report” and the resentment of the religious right as usual.

“[Hite] She really became a target, because what she was saying was not very welcoming to the male audience. Elizabeth Fisher explained that there was a lot of what she was talking about indicating that women may not need men as much as men think they need them in the sexual sphere, and so this was a bit of a threat to men. ”Head of Production at NBC News Studios.[The scientific establishment] She spoke openly about them, thinking her methods were questionable, and yet she had thousands of respondents to her questionnaires.

Hite moved to Europe in the 1990s and gave up her US passport. She wrote, “After a decade of constant attacks on myself and my work, especially my” reports “on female sexuality, I no longer feel free to do my research as best I can in the country in which I was born.” Hite passed away in London last September.

Newnham told Deadline, “I just felt good, to think about this life that was meaningful to a lot of women, and that not only her story, but the public conversation about that information has kind of vanished.” “And the obituary had some information on how this happened, which was really, really exciting to me.”

The Newnham document will be based on hours of mostly uncorrected Hite interview footage from the NBC News archive. Newnham and Fisher and documentary chair Molly O’Brien at NBC News Studios also hope to use some of Hait’s original research materials, such as audio recordings of women who answered anonymously to her questionnaires. “These voice responses will be just amazing windows into what was happening culturally with women during those time periods,” Fisher said.

Newnham aims to make the movie That Just Didn’t Come [Hite] Coming back to life and bringing this really relevant information back into the public discourse, but also kind of gives you a chance to see, how is a woman silenced? How does that happen? She continued, “People attacked her because of her scientific method. People complain about her personality. It’s a story like women that we see over and over again now, but to see her revolve around something totally real, as it was what she was talking about, I think it can be amazing. “

“Crip Camp,” a document about summer camp for teens with disabilities and the social movement that inspired it, was nominated for Best Documentary at this year’s Academy Awards. Newnham directed the film with James Lieberecht. Crip Camp received awards at Indy Spirit Awards And the IDA Documentary Awards, And it was One of our favorite documents for 2020.

Newnham’s other credits include “Revolutionary Optimists”, “The Rape of Europe” and “The Sentenced House.”

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