Nicolas Sarkozy’s sentence in France has echoes of Trump


Ultimately, the public got tired of his actions and supporting a propulsion base proved insufficient; He became president for a single term, and was removed from power by national voters eager to return to “normalcy”. Stripped of his presidential immunity shield, he finds himself mired in escalating legal battles. Revolted against him Witch hunt “hideous” Against him, but he could not prevent a shameful account.

No, we are not talking about former President Donald Trump. On Monday, a French court ruled on former French President Nicolas Sarkozy On charges of corruption and abuse of influence. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for two years. He may still avoid actual imprisonment after appeals, but the damage to reputation has, to say the least, been done – Sarkozy is the second head of state in modern France to be convicted of corruption.

The echoes of what is happening to Sarkozy should be loud for Trump. Despite the significant differences in the political contexts in which they worked, the two shared elements of political style. at His diary was published last yearFormer President Barack Obama described Sarkozy as an irreparable narcissist. Helpful to get the credit. “

Both Trump and Sarkozy demanded absolute loyalty around them – like I mentioned Le Monde editorial onceWith Sarkozy, it was either “loyalty or revenge.” And they used an angry and divisive agenda to get their way. “After Sarkozy’s presidency that took a million miles an hour, France – like America now – was running on fumes.” CNN’s Cyril Vanier wrote last year. The country was exhausted. For many voters, the unleashed emotions, the intensity, and the national soul-searching was not sustainable. “

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was found guilty of corruption and abuse of influence on March 1 and sentenced to one year in prison. (Reuters)

Trump has been impeached twice in an unprecedented manner by the House of Representatives on charges including abuse of power; Sarkozy is now thinking about a prison term for himself. The charges against Sarkozy, who was president between 2007 and 2012, It was centering around the question of whether the former French leader was behind a deal with a judge to illegally receive information about inquiries related to him, using false names and unofficial phone lines, My colleague Rick Nowak explained. According to the prosecution, Sarkozy, his lawyer at the time, and his long-time friend Thierry Herzog attempted to bribe Judge Gilbert Seibert by offering him a high-ranking position in exchange for information. The accident happened after Sarkozy left office. “

Sarkozy is also facing Other legal problems, Including allegations that he received campaign funding from the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2007, an investigation into whether he fraudulently overrun spending in his failed reelection attempt in 2012 and An investigation was launched in January into allegations of abuse of influence After Sarkozy signed a lucrative contract with a Russian insurance company.

Sarkozy rejected in court the various charges against him. “I have not abused my influence, purported or real,” He said in December. “What right should they drag me through the mud like this for six years? Is there no rule of law?”

But prosecutors said he is finally facing the consequences of his abuse of power. Prosecutor Jean-Luc Blachon said: “Events would not have occurred if a former president, as well as a lawyer, had taken into account the size, responsibility and duties of his office.” He told the court in Paris The trial also ended.

The legal burden around Trump is tightening, too. While Republican senators secured his second acquittal on impeachment charges last month, Trump is still facing him as a private citizen A crowded list of criminal and civil lawsuitsIncluding his role in fueling the January 6 attack on the Capitol Building, his pre-presidential business dealings, and allegations of defamation by the women who allege he assaulted them, allegations that he denied this. In some cases, these allegations are much more serious than those related to Sarkozy.

But despite the stigma of illegal activities condemned to failure Sarkozy’s political comeback in 2016, it appears that Trump is still in the lead to present a fresh bid for the presidency in 2024. He took center stage on Sunday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Regret delivered again He spread grievances and lies. Instead of working to marginalize the former president, the bulk of the Republican Party He is still in bondage.

That may change as the legal cases against Trump and some close allies start to catch up. City Commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican who received threats after false allegations of fraud in counting the city’s votes, said, To the Washington Post. “Because such a dangerous new thing has happened, there has to be some reconciliation. Moving forward is not enough.”

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