Nice 1-0 Marseille: The match was stopped after the fans stormed


Fans invade the stadium
Nice were leading 1-0 when a group of host fans stormed the pitch

Dimitri Payet hit a bottle and threw it back into the crowd before fans stormed the pitch leading to Nice being abandoned against Marseille.

Payet hit the Marseille player in the back with a bottle thrown from the team’s fans as he headed to take a corner.

He fired it again, sending fans onto the field as referees and players struggled to hold back.

After a long delay, the Nice players came out to finish the match – but the Marseille players refused.

As a result, the game was abandoned. Nice were leading 1-0 through Kasper Dolberg’s goal in the first half.

Some of the Marseille players were too He was reportedly in troubleExternal link.

“Our players were attacked,” said Marseille president Pablo Longoria.

“For the safety of our players, who were attacked while storming the pitch, we decided not to resume the match because the safety of our players was not guaranteed.”

The chaos continued as the players tried to leave the field as scuffles broke out and Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli was exposed to his team’s championship.

Marseille players were targeted with plastic water bottles from this part of the audience throughout the match, before one hit Payet and sees the midfielder fall to the ground.

In the melee that ensued, teammates Alvaro Gonzalez and Matteo Guendouzi ran towards the end of the ground to face the crowd, then Nice captain Dante tried to calm the angry crowd.

A security cordon of referees tried to stop the storming of the stadium before a quarrel broke out between the players of the two teams, the fans and the staff.

Eventually the players and officials managed to get off the field and back into the tunnel, away from the chaos outside.

It comes after Marseille’s 3-2 win in Montpellier was delayed two weeks ago when fans threw bottles onto the pitch.

That match was stopped in the 89th minute after Marseille substitute Valentin Rungier was hit in the head and Florent Mollet of Montpellier was injured as he was preparing to take a corner kick.

Citing that match two weeks ago, Longoria added: “This is the second time he has spoken. We have already tried this in Montpellier where we decided to continue after making the decision to continue.

“What happened today is unacceptable. We have to make it a precedent for French football and that is why we decided to return to Marseille.”

However, Nice president Jean-Pierre Riviere, who has called for calm over the stadium’s public discourse system during the delay, felt some of the spectator’s blame for Marseille.

“It’s disappointing that the match ended like this,” he said.

“Everyone saw what happened. We can’t deny that water bottles were thrown because we all saw them. What sparked the clashes was the reaction of the Marseille players, who took revenge.

“After that, it is a pity that the Marseille security staff stepped on the ground and hit our players.”

Marseille coach
Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli had to be tied down
Fans invade the stadium
A fan hits a kick at Payet after running onto the field
This was followed by a clash on the field
There were chaotic scenes before the players were asked to leave the field
Nice players clapping for the fans
The Nice players went outside to finish the match, but the Marseille players did not. Nice players paid tribute to the fans who were left on the ground

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