Netflix Filming Parts 2 and 3 of Sexy Polish Pictures – Deadline


Exclusive: Lovers of Polish erotic movie 365 days Rejoice – I can reveal it Netflix Prepared to serve you the second and third parts of the pic that impressed viewers around the world and also sparked a lot of controversy when it first appeared on the platform last summer.

Original cast members Michele Moroni and Anna Maria Cicluca (spoiler alert) will reprise their lead roles, with Magdalena Lamparska returning as well. Model and actress Simon Suzina will join the cast as the new character Nacho. Barbara Biaow’s and Tomasz Mandes are back in directing duties.

This time, Laura and Massimo are reunited, but their new beginning is complicated by the family ties of Massimo and the mysterious man who enters Laura’s life to win her heart and trust at any cost.

The story of the first movie – which saw the imprisonment of a young Polish woman by a Sicilian gang giving her one year to fall in love with him – sparked a major backlash, with critics claiming the plot is romantic sexual assault and Stockholm Syndrome. There were arguments on both sides, as evidenced by the polarized opinions in the comments section Below is our article about the original movie.

Counter365 days The show was popular enough to attract about 95,000 signatures to a petition to remove the film from Netflix, and for singer Daffy, who has endured a kidnapping ordeal, to send a letter of complaint directly to Reed Hastings.

On the other hand, viewers sounded with their eyes, and the popularity of the film was evident. The movie is on Netflix’s daily top 10 movie lists in more than 90 countries, and was the fourth most searched movie on Google globally in 2020, according to the streaming company. Ultimately, data-dependent platforms like Netflix keep track of what viewers are watching and respond according to their production options.

The main difference this time is that the first 365 days It was the acquisition of a completed movie by Netflix, while this time movies are being produced at home on Netflix (although they are still being produced by the original producers). This means a degree of creative oversight over the broadcast machine, so expect a more cautious approach to some controversial topics from the first movie.

The supplements would still be based on the book trilogy (sometimes called “Polish.” 50 shades of gray‘) By ​​Polish author Blanca Lipinska, who co-wrote the first screenplay with Mojca Tirs, the pair return for the next two installments alongside Tomasz Mandes. However, I do understand that the plot is likely to deviate from those texts and some controversial content could be toned down.

Ewa Lewandowska and Tomasz Mandes (Ekipa) will produce Parts Two and Three along with Maciej Kawulski (Open Mind One). Magdalena Lamparska and Uttar Saralidze are also among the actors. Production begins this month in Poland, before moving to Italy. The two films alternate. Netflix release is scheduled for 2022.

365 days It was one of our most popular movies for our members in 2020, ”ukasz Kluskiewicz of Netflix, Director of Content Acquisition for Movies in Central and Eastern Europe and Poland, said. Limit. “We are working closely with Blanca Lipinska, author of the book 365 days A trilogy of books and the author of the film, to continue the story of Laura and Massimo on the screen. Their journey together is full of many twists and turns as our personalities continue to grow and learn more about themselves. ”

“I am deeply honored to have the remaining two parts of my country 365 days “The trilogy will be on screen through Netflix,” writer Blanca Lipinska said. “I am very excited to show fans of my novels around the world this new look at the characters and to continue the story of Laura and Massimo.”

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