‘Moulin Rouge!’ Co-star Karen Olivo stops production at Rodin’s Protest – Deadline


Update with Red mill Producers Statement Karen OlivuTony’s nominated star Broadway Musical hit Red Mill !, It won’t return to production when the industry reopens to protest what it says is the industry’s silence over workplace harassment and abuse lawsuits against films and Stage Producer Scott Rodin.

“Social justice is more important than being a sparkling diamond,” referring to one of its greatest Red Meal! Numbers in today’s stinging Instagram video. “Building a better industry for my students is more important than me than putting money in my pockets. Building a better industry – I’m shouting now – Building a better industry is more important than putting money in my pocket.”

Red Meal! The Producers – Global Creatures is the lead producer and Bill Damaschke the Executive Producer – has released a statement to Deadline confirming Olivo’s departure and expressing his support for the actress. (Rodin is not a producer of Red Mill!).

“We can confirm that Karen Olivo will not return to production when the show resumes its broadcasts on Broadway,” the statement read. “Moulin Rouge! Musical Forever indebted to Karen Olivu’s art, passion, and craftsmanship creating the role of Satine on stage. We salute and support Karen’s advocacy to create a safe, diverse and fair theater industry for all. Karen has had an indelible influence on our show since its inception, and words cannot properly express our gratitude. We wish Karen a great success and, above all, love. “

Watch Olivo video on Instagram below.

“For all of you who don’t hear me, being silent about Scott Rodin – unacceptable.” Olivu said. “That’s the easy thing, Will. This is a monster. It should be a no-brainer … what does your integrity say you should do? Will you protect your pocket notebook and let people go to the emergency room, so you can go to your next concert? “

Olivo’s announcement comes two days after three theater unions – SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity and the American Federation of Local Musicians 802 – condemned workplace harassment and called “every corporation board should be deeply concerned about reliable, long-standing reports of repeat behavior. Violent and aggressive harassment by individuals who occupy high positions within the company or in production and exercise management power over subordinates. “

Although unions did not name Rodin, the statement came after last week’s The Hollywood Reporter story detailing the allegations of four former Rodin employees about what they say is the product’s fickle and sometimes violent behavior. Employees described a toxic work environment in which the acclaimed, moody producer repeatedly reprimanded, verbally, and in at least one case, physically, mistreated and fired assistants. The article included accounts of Rodin throwing things like a potato, a cup of tea, a stapler and a laptop computer during tantrums, and in one case, he allegedly smashed a computer screen by an assistant, necessitating a trip to the emergency room.

In her announcement today, Olivo won a Tony Award for her performance in the 2009 Broadway revival West Side StoryShe addressed her colleagues and peers: “What does your integrity say you should do? Will you protect your pocketbook and let people go to the emergency room, so you can go to your next concert?”

One of the biggest stars of musical theater, Olivo has put on a show at Tony’s award-winning concert In the heights A Chicago production Hamilton. Until her announcement, she was expected to play the main role on Satine Red Meal!Currently nominated for Tony.

Olivo said, “I can easily get back into the show and make a lot of money, but I still can’t really control what I’ve been giving the world.” The actress said she was posting her statement on Instagram because, “I don’t want anyone to dwell on why I’m not returning to it Red Meal! I heard it from me. “

Olivo said in her video that she was speaking in part “to my students who still dream of making art because they don’t know the nonsense here … I want to make a theatrical production that matches my integrity. Come on to all of you, why don’t we go and make it. Obviously, she’s not here.” Let’s go make it. “

Rodin has not commented on the allegations. The deadline has arrived at Moulin Rouge! Production to hang.

Red Mill !, Like all Broadway productions, it is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown. The show is one of the biggest hits of the 2019-20 season on Broadway and has been nominated for 14 Tony Awards, including Best Music and Best Performance by a Leading Actress in Musical (Olivo) and Best Performance by a Lead Actor in Musical (Aaron) Tveit, Nominee Only in the category). The nominations were announced last fall, but no concert date has been set pending the resumption of Broadway shows.

Following Olivo’s statement today, Hailee Kilgore received a 2018 Tony Award nomination for her role in Once on this island It will then be seen in the upcoming biography of Aretha Franklin respectPosted by A. A tweet in four parts He says, in part, “… I can’t help but think of the artists, theater personnel, and crew members who have years in and out on me who have been struggling in silence during their appearances, performances, and astonishing audiences 8XS A WEEK. Fame is the priority … if we are not united … then what are we? ”

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