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From approximately 400 million vaccines have been delivered so farAround 90 percent went to people in rich and middle-income countries, while the rest of the world may have to wait for years. The epidemic is likely to prolong.

By partnering with drug companies, Western leaders have bought their way to the front of the line, while billions of people wait their turn. But the viral variants that originate mostly from unvaccinated countries could ultimately slow down the progress of rich countries, limiting the effect of vaccines.

It didn’t have to be this way. Western governments have resisted calls by global health officials to use aggressive, seldom-used powers that would have compelled companies to publish vaccine prescriptions, share their knowledge, and ramp up manufacturing, leading to wider access to the vaccine.

The US government is expected to receive a patent this month for the molecular engineering technology that has originated in the National Institutes of Health lab and is at the heart of at least five major vaccines for Covid-19. It could represent an opportunity to pressure pharmaceutical companies to expand access to vaccines to less affluent countries.

Vaccine diplomacy: Russia and China promised to fill the void by partnering with producers in places like Kazakhstan and Indonesia. The Global Vaccine Alliance, Covax, which is expected to receive $ 4 billion from the Biden administration, aims to vaccinate 20 percent of people in the world’s poorest countries this year. It faces a deficit of $ 2 billion.

This is a worldview Who can get vaccinated now. Here is the Latest updates And the maps The epidemic.

On the surface, at least, their moods could not be more different: Israel’s fourth election in two years is being felt by many voters like a groundhog, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struggles to stay in office while on corruption trial. Netanyahu hopes his handling of the pandemic will do His victory in Tuesday’s elections.

Meanwhile, many Palestinians are excited to be given the opportunity to choose their representation, with the voter registration rate exceeding 93 percent. For the first time in years, they can imagine dormant parliament buildings in Ramallah and Gaza City returning to life – which, in a best-case scenario for Palestinians, could pave the way for the reunification of Gaza and parts of the West Bank. Under one management.

But international human rights activists warn that the Palestinian elections will not change the rules of the game for Palestinian rights. Palestinians in the Occupied Territories cannot vote in the elections that will have the greatest impact on their lives – Israeli life.

Cited: “Palestinian youth want change, and they want a different life,” said Mukhaimer Abu Saada, a professor of political science at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. Israelis are tired and tired of going to elections four times in two years – but we haven’t had elections in 15 years.

Related: The A small Palestinian camp in Homs He became the personification of the battle for the future of the occupied territories.

Hunted on the verge of extinction worldwide, the endangered mountain deer was found above. A helping hand is on the edge of a war zone, On the Turkish-Syrian border. The credit for its rediscovery and survival is largely due to one man and his love for nature.

Yasar Arjun, a veterinarian and professor at Hatay Mustafa Kemal University in Antakya, Turkey, used his knowledge of village life to gain the support of local shepherds and teach children to protect deer, he even encouraged a local Kurdish legend of a holy man who lived with deer and their milking.

Caity Weaver, a member of The Times’s Styles bureau, ventured to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico, to try Equus, a horse experience that has a long list of famous clients, including Bette Midler and Jeff Bezos. The program site encourages clients to “Imagine creating the life you truly deserve.” In a recent conversation, she said Reflected on her experience I also searched A story about if we could learn Anything from horses.

What do you know about Equus before you arrive in Santa Fe?

not much. On purpose they don’t have a lot of pictures on their website. The founders tell me they don’t want people to come up with a specific idea of ​​what their experience will be like, because if things go differently, customers might be disappointed.

So what raised it to “I need to try this”?

The one thing you always wonder about with fun experiences is: Does anyone really pay to do this? Usually the answer is no. But the client list was pretty impressive – Margaret Atwood, Microsoft, and a lot of other names that I recognized. So I was just curious to go in and out of it, probably, whatever they were getting out of it. I wish my life was as good as that of Pete Midler – I think.

What’s fun or unexpected thing you learned?

Candice Crony, professor of animal behavior and welfare at Purdue University, told me to think of horses the way you think of a cat – they are not like a dog that wants to be with you and wants attention. The horse doesn’t really want to be the main thing – it probably wants petting and fondling, and it may not want it. I didn’t learn it before I went, but if I met another horse, I would think of it like a big cat.

this is Spinach soup with tahini and lemon It is a bright, complex and beautiful color of brilliant green.

The historical novel “Libertie” by Caitlin Greenedge, Focuses on a black woman in the Age of Reconstruction Who comes from an extraordinary family, but longs to be normal.

DocumentaryBefore the death of light“An inspiring look at the faltering visual arts scene in Morocco in the 1970s.

Writing for the Financial Times, British food writer Fuchia Dunlop regrets backing down “traditional” British-Chinese takeaways – and finds an old school gem in East London.

Here Mini crossword puzzles todayManual: palpitations (five letters).

You can find all our puzzles here.

That’s it for today’s briefing. Enjoy a peaceful and productive Monday. – Natasha

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