Military Are Also Looking For Lightweight And Heat-Resistant Materials


A Military Grade Polymer is a plastic that has been designed to withstand extreme conditions, like high temperatures and exposure to chemicals and jet fuel. The specifications of this plastic are different based on the application. This type of plastic is typically black in color and is utilized for various military applications.

The military has utilized plastics for decades. They are replacing metals in numerous applications. They are light robust, durable and chemically resistant. In addition, they are customizable to meet a variety needs. They are resistant to heat, water, impact, and moisture.

These plastics are utilized in a variety of parts for the military, such as compass cases and personal armor, vehicle armor, and high precision weapon components. In fact, the Department of Defense (DoD) has standardized different plastic materials for their use.

Injection-molded plastic components are used to replace metal in military applications. They are also less expensive and allow manufacturers to mix several parts into one making it unnecessary to perform secondary operations.

These kinds of materials provide the benefit of high performance, which is particularly important for aircraft. The wide operating temperature range of DuPont Vespel Polyimide is a hallmark. It is able to withstand corrosion and corrosive oils.

Ryton R-4 PS is another highly-respected polymer that provides excellent electrical insulation. It is also known to be resistant to chemical abrasion and thermally isolated. It is also a great material to build dust-free military camps.

Torlon PAI is also a highly rated material. It is reinforced with carbon fibers to give structural strength and the ability to maintain dimensional stability. In addition, it is renowned for its low coefficient of thermal expansion rates.

The aerospace industry is searching for more durable, stronger materials. Some of the materials available are nylon, polyetheretherketone, and polyether ketone.

Thermoplastic rubber elastomers are also very robust. They are used in bearings, hydraulic fittings and electrical connectors. Besides their durability, these types of polymers are also light. Other attributes that are beneficial to these materials include their low absorption of moisture and thermal stability.

The wrong choice of plastic material could lead to biased results. For example, a polymer that is extremely tough could result in high vibration stresses. A thermoplastic elastomer might not be able to endure the force of high impact. If the material is able to withstand impact and able of enduring force and acceleration landing without damaging its mechanical properties.

It is expected that plastics will continue to advance in their ability to withstand military requirements. For example, a radiation-hardened plastic can be able to withstand radiation ionizing, while other additives can prevent the oxidation process.

While certain types of plastic are sold as Military Grade, these products conform to DoD specifications to guarantee consistent and reliable performance. Furthermore, testing is conducted to ensure that the material is able to withstand the demands of the military.

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