Merry Brown: I can’t believe I’m an orphan of 50 years old


Mary Brown has more important things to worry about these days than opinions of strangers.

She knows what people are saying on social media.

She knows they are urging her to quit her selfish husband, Cody Brown, however Merry has already said on numerous occasions She is not going anywhere.

Her marital status is Mary’s least fear these days anyway.

As I mentioned earlier and sadly, Mary’s mother passed away at the age of 76 Last month.

Then the Sister Wives star wrote a touching tribute to Bonnie, but Meri is clearly not over yet.

We don’t expect it to be, of course.

Bonnie died unexpectedly, and let’s face it, one is never ready to lose a parent no matter what.

“It’s strange to be a 50-year-old orphan,” Mary wrote on Instagram on Friday, April 16th.

“I mean, we all expect our fathers to pass before us, and to be real, I’m sure mom and dad were totally content with their lives.

“With 7 children, 5 of them are still alive, plus many great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren (I have no idea how many, I have to count, usually I just asked my mom because she knew) they have a wonderful legacy she left behind.”

That should be a bit of a relief, of course, however …

“Today marks 3 weeks since my mom left us, very early, unexpectedly,” Brown continued.

It was a strange whirlpool of feelings.

“ Hanging out with my sisters brings a lot of laughter, memories and tears, and I’ll just assume, and I’m healed too.

“We wonder why this happened the way it did, we start to see the little things that were happening and we wonder if it was some kind of unknown preparation for getting closer to the end.”

Bonnie has appeared in several episodes of Sister Wives and was very popular with fans of the franchise because she helped run Bonnie Bed and Breakfast in Utah.

She was very close to her daughter.

And to melt it down.

even in Cody Bonnie praised After her death.

Mary concluded in her last post:

Now I’m sitting here, grieving for her, and learning to jump into life without her.

Learn to pick up the pieces where you left off. Learn to be the type of person she was, and the type of person you’ll be proud of.

I don’t know how to do all this without it. I really don’t. I know she is close, and I just hope to hear her whispers because she gives me hope and guidance. Because I’m going to need a lot of that …

We applaud Mary for her frankness and vulnerability.

However, nothing can really be said.

We just hope she relies on those closest to her and remembers all the wonderful times with her mom, and in the end, the following adage seems true to her:

time heals all wounds.

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