Man accused of being Valen Gobadia’s estranged boyfriend denies romantic affair with Valen (Exclusive)


TSR Exclusive: The man Simon Guobadia alleges was sleeping with his estranged wife Falynn Guobadia is finally speaking out after Simon dropped some receipts today accusing the pair of crawling.

Jaylan Banks spoke exclusively with The Shade Room not only to deny their alleged romance but says he’s tired of being quiet about the situation. If you remember, Simon made some inflammatory allegations earlier this week when he claimed that Fallen was cheating on Jaylan while she was pregnant with him. Simon also claimed that Fallen’s cheating was the reason for his divorce from her.

Today, Simon posted photos and a video claiming he had proof that Valen was crawling with Gillan, her then-personal assistant, but Gillan says he got the real tea and Simon spins the lies. Check out Simon’s alleged receipts below:

For starters, Gillan says Simon was very familiar with him and Falen’s friendship and shared a message between them to prove how comfortable Simon was to be around them. Gillan says he was also staying at their house and that he even had his own condo there as an aide to Valen.

This is not news for Simon. Gillan said of Simon’s alleged receipts: He picked up some random shots that Valen also had access to and spinned them into lies.

Beginning with the start of their messy split, Gillan claims Simon left Fallen on Valentine’s morning to go to Miami and Costa Rica for two months, and says he told Fallen after he left.

Gillan adds that Valen is left to take care of Simon’s two children with special needs alongside her own children, caring for a total of five boys on her own.

Gillan says the video Simon shared of a side door to their house was smashed and that Valen explained to Simon several times that she feared for their safety.

“At the time, I was not only her best friend but also her helper. I stayed there for a whole week (which Simon knew). I even have my own lodgings in the house which is on the first floor down the hallway from the kitchen,” Gillan told us. “I am fully aware of all the cameras covering the house as I was present when the house was under construction.”

Gillan adds that he had a code for the house that Simon issued to him. Fallen was set to tackle the rumors shortly after sparking an upcoming interview where she’s expected to spill all the tea!

With Simon and Falynn continuing their divorce, which has yet to be finalized, remember that the drama really started when it was revealed that Valynn’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Porsha Williams has been dating Simon since their split and is now his bride-to-be!

Chile, this will surely make an interesting season for housewives! will keep you posted.

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