Madison LeCroy Mystery: Who is your bravo dating star?


Madison LeCroy loves to keep people guessing.

This is undeniable much.

Southern Charm’s polarizing team member made major news several weeks ago when she admitted to having some kind of affair with retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

What kind of relationship? LeCroy declined to say, and appears to be proud to keep contacting a mystery.

Speaking to Page Six in February, Lickroy said that she had never met Rodriguez and had never met him “physically”.

But she has also admitted to FaceTiming A-Rod on at least one occasion and has firmly – no, very strongly – hinted that the pair had engaged in some kind of virtual napkin.

In other words, there appears to be a good opportunity LeCroy and Rodriguez masturbated together On these FaceTime calls.

This would explain why Jennifer Lopez stopped trusting her fiancé and eventually negotiated with him.

As you should know by now, Lopez ditched Rodriguez on April 15th.

“We have realized that we are better friends and we look forward to remaining so,” they said in the statement at the time.

“We will continue to work together and support each other in our joint business and projects. We wish the best for each other and each other’s children.

“Out of respect for them, the only other comment we have to say is thank you to everyone who sent the kind words and support.”

None of the ex-spouses mentioned LeCroy, but an insider told People Magazine that serious “trust” issues had developed between the spouses.

Whether he cheated or not, it does not matter. “She will not tolerate fear of it in the air between them,” this source said.

So … Rodriguez is now single.

He and LeCroy can finish everything they started last year, right? In theory, for sure. But not quite.

When a follower made a kind note to Madison, she replied: “I have a friend“.

Sadly, LeCroy never called this friend this one. We told you she likes to keep people guessing, right?

So who might LeCroy be dating? We can rule out former Austin Kroll because those two ended things on terrible terms.

But what about fellow Southern Charm star and producer Whitney Sodler-Smith?

The two were reportedly spotted in downtown Charleston this spring making at a local bar.

The thing is, Madison is 30 and Whitney is 52 and a romance between the couple is still possible … improbable.

Meanwhile, Whitney supposedly hit Catherine Dennis once too, so he’s not against the age gap. In any case.

Presently, LeCroy has done a successful job of keeping her boyfriend’s identity a secret.

If it is, then it is.

Maybe she was trying to get rid of the scent related to A-Rod by claiming to have passed in with someone else.

Madison is happy with her new relationship. She wanted to tell everyone she had a boyfriend because she was tired of hearing everyone claim that she was dealing with him. [Alex Rodriguez]Mole told Us Weekly a few days ago.

All LeCroy will say about it for now is that she hasn’t stolen the J-Lo man.

“He called me. And yes, we DMed,” she said during the Southern Charm reunion.

“But other than that, there was nothing. I never saw him physically, I touched him.”

“I am not afraid of the false king and I will defend it.”

The greatest question of our time remains, as John Bring eloquently posed at the series’s final encounter:

Is j – king off on FaceTime cheating?

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