Mackenzie Mackie: I’m putting my kids at risk because I’m such a fun mom!


As Teen Mom fans are well aware, Mackenzie Mackie is quick to call out the other bad moms.

She is not wrong to do so. But can she turn that critical eye inward?

Apparently not, after fans screamed in panic after seeing her children climbing onto kitchen tables.

It’s a lot worse than it looks, but MacKenzie says it’s just Mom is fun And people have to deal with it.

Recently, Mackenzie Mackie took to Instagram to show off her lip glosses in the kitchen.

Her two sons, Gannon and Bronx, were cracking a few moves in the room.

Unfortunately, both of them were dancing on top of the kitchen tables.

Mackenzie McKee IG lets kids walk on kitchen counters

Simply put, fans and followers were horrified by the show.

It’s not that disaster that happened – it’s what could easily have happened.

Of particular concern was the mess on the work surface and how easy it was to slide around underfoot.

McKenzie doubled down when she was wrong in a follow-up post.

“Many of you are pretty stressed out because I’m not a serious mom,” she wrote.

“This photo I’m not totally sorry for,” Mackenzie added, alongside a photo of her being silly with the 5-year-old Bronx.

“Life is too short, but it’s always boring,” MacKenzie added.

She warned her followers: “Because, girl, you won’t change.”

Conclude her comment with the tags: “#mylovetoyou, #iaintsorry definitely, #happykids and #happymom.”

Some defamation of the illiterate blows things out of proportion.

In fact, both Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra survived a bit of an exaggerated slander on their parents just two years ago.

At the time, Nova was sitting at a table and slipped, and Tyler was called in for it. That was a little

To some extent, it’s normal for kids to climb on things. It is a human instinct to explore.

But kitchens are full of smooth surfaces and sharp edges.

When it comes to climbing on worktops, they also tend to fall sharply on very hard floors.

Now, the child may sometimes sit at a table if the parent allows it.

(You should always clean the counter before and after you put food on it, anyway)

But at the very least, one parent should be close enough to catch them if they fall. It’s common sense.

Unfortunately, that appears to be what MacKenzie lacks.

As you can see in the still photo we shared, it wasn’t just a countertop – but objects on top of it.

Clutter and piled up things greatly exacerbate the danger. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Being a funny and silly dad doesn’t have to mean being reckless.

Letting her kids dance at the table might be a good thing in and of itself.

But the chaos had to be cleared up, and MacKenzie could have stood by them in case they fell.

Many parents think simple safety precautions are “too much,” or confuse simple concerns with control or tyranny.

Whether it’s stubborn pride or heedlessness, sometimes it means hurting their children.

MacKenzie could have simply gone “Oops, I got it wrong, I didn’t understand how serious that was.” but it’s just she has to be correct.

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