Lucy Walker Wildfire Doc “Bring Your Own Brigade” is getting a release date


Latest Lucy Walker found a home. A press release announced that CBSN has expropriated the rights to “Bring Your Own Brigade,” the two-time Academy Award-nominated director’s appearance inside the November 2018 wildfires that broke out in Malibu and Paradise, California. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on August 6, and the film will be available on CBSN and Paramount+ on August 20.

Described as a “character-driven show,” the film brings viewers into “the raging heart of Hell” and “answers a question that humanity can no longer afford to ignore: why are catastrophic wildfires increasing in number and severity around the world, and can anything be done to reduce death?” Drawing on hundreds of hours of stunning wildfire footage that includes interviews with survivors, firefighters and scientists, the film reveals that without solving the problem of global warming, there are many simple steps that can be taken to not only mitigate the catastrophic devastation caused by wildfires. forests, but restoring health and balance to mismanaged forest lands for far too long. But does society have what it takes to set aside short-term interests and outdated thinking to confront a crisis that literally burns our world to the ground?”

“So many extraordinary people shared unforgettable stories that shattered my previous understanding of what was going on with these deadly wildfires,” Walker said. “I am happy and grateful that audiences will now have the opportunity to take this emotional, unexpected, and inspirational journey for themselves, to meet these characters, and immerse themselves in this investigation of what is really going on with these fires, and what we can do to survive. Fortunately. I’ve learned that there are actually things we can do here to save ourselves that I had no idea before embarking on this mission.”

“Bring Your Own Brigade” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Walker’s other featured docs include “The Crash Reel” and “Waste Land.” I got an Oscar nod for the latter. She also scored a nomination for the short document “Tsunami and Cherry Blossom”.

“The world needs more output, so we have to keep encouraging ourselves and each other, and eventually things should get easier for us,” Walker told us in 2013. “Why not now? I’m horrified at how sexist my industry is. When I was growing up, I thought all those sexist things were behind us because I could look around and see that the young girls and boys around me were just as talented and important. But I was shocked. To note that as we got older, my female friends didn’t accomplish as much as my male friends did.”

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