Liz Cheney realizes she has lost the battle but still needs to speak up


Charlotte Klein /Vanity Fair:

Conservative media old guard unlikely to save Liz Cheney

National Review And the Wall Street JournalThe House editorial board defended Republican No. 3 in the House of Representatives for not agreeing with Trump’s election lies – but Republicans in Congress remained in the hands of the former president.

As Trump continues to push the big lie about election theft, Cheney has taken the only path between leading the Republican Party by repelling the dangerous lies. As a result, she was accused of drawing attention to herself “because of her personal opinions.” reconsidering He notes, rather than focusing on politics – despite the fact that “some Trump supporters have shown greater eagerness to get her out of opposition to Biden’s $ 6 trillion agenda.” The editors argue that politics is not the reason behind the possibility that Cheney will lose her job. “She has kept a very conservative voting record, and while non-interventionists may object to her hawks, that does not explain the movement to topple her.” What might explain the expected cleansing, and reconsidering It is suggested, is the fact that the deputy. Elise Stefanic, Who is the Vote for a heart It’s almost certain to be replaced by the election and loudly support Trump. “It’s a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives as this is now a condition for progress,” reconsidering Writes. On Wednesday, it was Stephanic Supported By Trump himself.


Susan B. Glaser/ The New Yorker:

The Republican Party in the House of Representatives was forced to choose between the “big lie” of Trump and Liz Cheney, and chose the lie

Even so, Trump has successfully demonstrated over the past few months that repeating these lies over and over again – even without accompanying evidence – is more than enough to get millions of Americans to believe him. He has performed this play before. He knows it works. Fake news indeed.

The striking difference is that this time Liz Cheney chose to fight him over him. If Trump succeeds in reinventing the “big lie” to serve his corrupt ends, Cheney will at least force her party members to admit, in official records, that they are choosing between the truth and Trump’s lie – and last resort. There is no hope among her supporters and advisers that she will win the battle, when the Republican convention in the House of Representatives votes, probably next week, to take it off. Instead, there is an admission that Cheney has finally decided to do what most Trump skeptics within the party have been reluctant to do for four years: challenge not only Trump’s lies but also the enablers within the Republican Party who give his lies such strength. “It’s all about loyalty to Trump, the big lie and the fact that Liz is a living reproach to all these cowards,” said Eric Edelman, Cheney’s friend who served as a national security advisor to her father, the former deputy. President Dick Cheney told me.

Cheney’s cut from the House Republican convention has become almost final in recent days, but it has taken months to form. Edelman revealed that Cheney herself had orchestrated the secret Unprecedented editorial in Washington Mail By all of the 10 living defense ministers, including her father, they warned against Trump’s efforts to politicize the military. Not only did the congresswoman recruit her father, she personally asked others, including Trump’s first secretary of defense, Jim Mattis, to participate.

If the defense ministers report is accurate, that is a startling revelation.


Trump’s spell erupted on the media as soon as he lost his speakers

Between the lines: Trump’s ability to broadcast his thoughts on major social platforms has disappeared in recent months, but so has the imperative for news organizations.

  • After the presidency, Trump tried to spread his thoughts through tweet-like press releases, which could only be seen if the media picked them up.

“ The social media superpower in Trump It was never his ability to Twitter – it was his ability to get the media to cover what he tweeted, “SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson told Axios.


Thomas B. Edsal /The New York Times:

Why Trump still has millions of Americans in his grasp

By the 1970s, many white Americans – who took their own centrality for granted – felt that they had been neglected, and left to face alone the brunt of the long process of de-industrialization: a host of adverse economic trends including a decline in industrial employment, eroding wages. Because of foreign competition and the collapse of labor unions.

These voters became the shock force of the Reagan Revolution. They now dominate Trump’s Republican Party.

Liberal onlookers who explore the rise of right-wing populism accuse their opponents of this Racism And the Sexism. There is a lot of truth to this view, but it is not the whole story.

Jan Hoffman /The New York Times:

A survey shows that parents are reluctant to have their children vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus

The new survey also found that only 9 percent of adult respondents did not get the shot but planned to do so, indicating that the country is nearing the limit for people planning to get vaccinated.

The survey also showed confidence in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine took a major hit after a 10-day hiatus in dispensing it while authorities examined rare incidents of life-threatening blood clots in people who had taken them. While 69 percent of people said they trust the safety of vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna, only 46 percent felt confident about the safety of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Among adults who have not been vaccinated, one in five said that the news about the Johnson & Johnson shot prompted them to change their minds about getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

The poll showed that there was some progress among the Republicans, who were among the strongest rejecters. Of that group, 55 percent said they had or intend to do so, compared to 46 percent in March. The percentage of “definitely not getting the vaccine” is also shrinking, falling to 20 percent from 29 percent in March.


WAMU Podcast:

Go in the middle ages on white supremacy

middle Ages spread Nearly a thousand years It included all seven continents.

But when most Americans think Medieval times (not the restaurant), our brains Go directly to aN all white A copy of the Middle Ages in Europe It didn’t really exist.

The myth is so sly, white supremacists have become accustomed to it Get people to their cause For more than a hundred years.

Last month, this was hinted at in a memo calling on the Republicans to form a bloc to lead The Anglo-Saxon Political Tradition.

And therefore, While we still hear a lot about the Vikings, the Celts, and the Supposedly “Anglo-Saxons”, What was theOse groups Really like? And what does our misunderstanding of the Middle Ages mean for how we view our world today?

Olivia’s knife/Classrooms:

COVID reporters are not doing well. Nothing wrong at all.

An unprepared industry is losing a generation of journalists to despair, trauma, and moral abuse as they cover the story of a lifetime.

When I told the editors on The Daily Beast That I needed to quit my job as the main COVID reporter in the newsroom, I couldn’t even say the word ‘quit’.

Even now, weeks later, it feels like admitting failure.

I was working in my dream job in the editing room I loved as I was writing about what I felt was the most important pulse in the world. I felt fortunate to be working and living in the middle of a global pandemic.

But between meetings, interviews and story recording, I was falling apart. I was writing poems about suicide. I spent whole days without eating at all. Once upon a time, I fell to the ground from a drought. I was vomiting from stress. I had stitches in my left eye. I haven’t been out of bed most days. I was crying the whole time. My nightmares, of being shot or raped, or watching my co-workers burn alive in front of me, scared me so much that I refused to sleep at all on some nights. When I wasn’t too afraid to sleep, I was still anxious because I was too angry, too anxious, too sad, or full of shyness. Sometimes I would wake up in the early morning hours with bile climbing up my throat and burning heartburn in my chest. There were times I took sick leave because I couldn’t stop whining long enough to tie a few playgrounds together.

I was struggling to survive on the water when footage of the January 6 rebellion caused the PTSD I thought I had shaken up for years. By the time someone I loved died a few weeks later, I was already overwhelmed.


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