Kim Kardashian: The Saint tested positive for COVID … and the North might as well


We are getting closer and closer to the end of keeping up with the Kardashians.

But the show carries more surprises for us before the end of the final season.

In this week’s preview for KUWTK next week, Kim has a grim discovery.

At least one of her children tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and another felt ill.

Beginning of Season 20, the preview for Episode 10 is simple enough.

It’s all about milestones.

Kendall is 25 years old. Chris is 65 years old.

Kim Kardashian shares bad news (S20E10 preview)

Kendall was born on November 3rd and Chris was born on November 5th.

This gives us a very specific time frame for when to shoot this particular scene.

Kim shared a sweet idea for the dad who has it all – styling 65 Kris looks.

There are also hints about covering Kim’s birthday party, as she turned 40 in October.

This, of course, was her notorious “secret” tropical hideaway … which Kim declared on Twitter.

Given the harsh medical and economic realities of the pandemic, sharing this at the time was controversial at best.

Kim also indicates that he took the “kids tape,” referring to an introduction to the bar exam.

It is an examination for first-year law students, often abbreviated to FYLSE.

Kim spent 10 to 12 hours a day studying.

Portions of the preview are intended to make viewers feel hopeless after failure.

She was told via video chat that she needs 560 to pass.

We have not been informed of its results, but we expect to find out next week.

After that, the preview gets to the really serious part.

Kim talks about Saint, and that’s not good news.

It reveals “Sainty has just tested positive for COVID”.

Continuing the phone conversation, Kim adds some unhappy news.

“The north says it feels sick,” she says.

Sick does not mean COVID, but when one person at home has tested positive … it is alarming.

“I try not to be afraid of anyone,” Kim explains in a separate clip in preview.

“But,” mother of four, “I’m really worried.”

This is incomprehensible!

It’s unclear when Saint’s test result was positive, but we can take a look at the timeline.

Filming for the series ended in January 2021.

Kim’s birthday was in October. It was to Chris and Kendall in early November.

It is unclear how much time has elapsed between that and the Baby Bar results and Saint’s Test.

But it is clear, at the latest, that this positive test was in early January.

As soon as possible, assuming editorial didn’t manipulate things too much, it might be October.

Perhaps the most reasonable guess of the timeframe is mid-November, based on reality TV logic.

We were saying he might come later, but didn’t mention Thanksgiving?

Now, for the welfare of the saint.

Presumably he’s fine … assuming he has COVID-19 at all.

COVID-19 tests are a new technology, and rapid trials are riddled with inaccuracies.

The faster the test results, the more unreliable they are. That could be a real problem.

We have heard about it many times Party of the rich people Everyone ran a quick test that was basically meaningless.

Meanwhile, there have also been cases of people getting false positive results from the same tests.

(Actual COVID numbers come from doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals who can Actually making the diagnosis)

It would be nice to think that Saint and North were both perfectly fine.

But one or both of them may have contracted the disease during the pandemic.

Many of us have loved ones with the virus. It can happen to anyone.

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