Katie Thurston cries, warns her bachelorette kidnappers: Be real or get an F-k!


Katie Thurston is not here to waste time.

And it’s definitely not here to serve as anyone else’s stepping stone towards fame, fortune, and/or increasing one’s social media influence.

The New Bachelorette made this as clear as she could in sending a suitor home Tuesday night—while issuing a clear warning to all of the show’s remaining potential couples.

foot fetish

“I have a lot of options now. I’m happy,” Katie told co-hosts Taisha Adams and Kaitlyn Bristow before her first group date. “I hope to find out who’s here for the right reasons.”

She said The right reasons, you guys! drink!

From there, Christian, Jarrett, Trey, Courtney, Mike B, James, Justin, Thomas, Connor B, and Karl were selected for what podcast host Thurston and Juicy Scoop Heather MacDonald called The Greatest Lover of All Time competition.

Are you ready for some tempting awkwardness and revealing?

MacDonald proceeded to ask men questions about sex.

Virgin Mike P. mysteriously played her part in response to some kind of inappropriate inquiries about his sexual status and the last time he had intercourse.

“If Katie can’t accept that I’m a virgin, I think I’ll go home eventually,” Mike said in an on-camera interview.

Remember, Thurston made headlines after her introduction to Matt James On BSC To bring in a vibrator and make it clear: I used it. Much.

Heather then informed her buddies that they would give a presentation explaining to Katie what makes them such a great lover, prompting Connor B to write a song and play guitar.

Thomas assured that Katie won’t need to rock her anymore.

James, sorry to say, put the trash in a bin.

And our guy Mike B. Keeping a diary of Katie on the bed that says, “I save myself for you.”

Mike B told Katie, “I would have waited another 31 years to have sex if that’s what proved to you that I would sacrifice everything for you to feel loved and safe.”

Thurston, who had almost no choice in the matter, referred to Mike’s show as “very beautiful” and ended up giving him the title of greatest lover of all time.

At the after party, Katie spoke with Conor B. And they had “re” their first kiss without him in a cat costume.

She also spoke to Karl about their past relationships and confessed to Thomas, who ended up with Group Date Rose:

“I’ve been on my mind a lot.”

Greg, for his part, got Katie’s first singles date.

He and The Bachelorette enjoyed a day of camping, during which they played carousel, fished, and took in views of the New Mexico mountains.

“I feel like we’re dating and I feel like I know him,” Katie said of this contestant.

She even shared with Greg that camp reminded her of her father, who died in 2012.

“I feel so comfortable with you, and that’s why you’re here,” Katie told Greg.

During a romantic dinner, Greg admitted that he lost for him Cancer Dad – And the two kissed when fireworks went off in the background and Greg handed a rose.

For the second group date, Kaitlyn and Tishia broke into the house to wake the men early, and shoved them out into whatever they were sleeping in.

John Turning, Andrew S. , Kyle, Josh, Aaron, Brendan, Hunter and Cody dress up in cowboy outfits for Katie’s Big Buckle Brawl, as they wrestle for Thurston’s affections.

Katie pitted Aaron and Cody against each other because she noticed earlier that there seemed to be some sort of rivalry between them.

“It was intense,” Katie explained of their dirty quarrel. “I felt personal.”

The victory over Cody not only gave Aaron a leg up on his opponent, but also made Katie’s Golden Cowboy belt.

Thurston proceeded to ask Aaron at the follow-up party about the feud between him and Cody, which is when we learn the suitors know each other at home in San Diego.

“We’re not really cool, we’re not friends,” Aaron admitted.

“But there are just some social media posts or just things he has done that are calling me the wrong way. I know he really wants to be famous or be on the show for these reasons.

“The way he handles situations, I find it annoying.

“He only deals with things in a malicious way.”

We point out some anxiety from The Bachelorette.

“I’m trying to get involved and I don’t want to end up with the wrong person,” she said in an on-camera interview, adding, “One of my biggest fears is having someone here who shouldn’t be.”

Oh, yeah, readers, she was worried someone might be on the show — you guessed it! – Wrong reasons.

Thurston confronts Cody with everything Aaron has said about him, concluding their conversation unconvinced that Cody is really interested in falling in love.

“Ultimately, I don’t feel like we have confidence and it’s too early to feel that way and that’s unfortunate,” Katie told Cody.

“So there’s really no point in continuing with this, and unfortunately, I think you’d better go home tonight.”

And Cody barely argued, either.

Katie opened a cocktail party that evening by telling everyone that she had sent Cody to wrap it up.

“I knew his intentions weren’t there for me,” she said, adding to the set:

“I appreciate the honesty I’ve received so far, and if there’s anything else I need to know, please know I’m a safe place and I deserve to know what’s going on at home.”

She later issued a warning to men, too.

“Tonight, you threw a bomb at me about several people who are still here for all the wrong reasons,” she told the men.

“And I don’t know how clear I can be about my intentions and my time, but if you’re not here for me, if you’re not here for the partake, get out.

“I don’t know who is here for the wrong reasons, but from what I’ve been told, there are many more people to look out for. For some of you, this might be a platform, but I’m not here to waste my time.

“Does anyone want to say anything?”

Nobody peeps except Karl

“I heard some things going on around us,” he told his fellow suitors.

“And you know, like, I’m going to connect with people directly, and I’m going to connect with this person directly. I don’t think it’s my place to get away with this.

“I’m telling you now that listen, listen, I basically want to give the person a chance to come forward and be recognized.”

Once again, no one gave up, with Aaron throwing a slap at Carl’s move and calling it “the dumbest thing you could do.”

Meanwhile, Katie simply cried in the other room…and she hadn’t distributed roses yet.

Where can things go from here?

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