Johnson expects England’s restrictions to end this month


The British government is set to announce on Monday that it will lift its last coronavirus restrictions in England on July 19, after working through one of the world’s longest lockdowns.

Expected announcement met with hope and fear. Although emerging variables have caused the number of infections in the country Rise in recent weeks, so far it has not yet been followed Through a proportional rise in hospital admissions or death.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will address the public on Monday evening, noted the pending changes in a government briefing. He said people in the country should “learn how to live with this virus”.

“Thanks to the successful implementation of our vaccination programme, we are progressing cautiously with our roadmap,” said Mr. Johnson. In government briefing. Stressing that the epidemic is not over, he said people should “exercise judgment”.

A full reopening was scheduled for last month, but was postponed due to concerns about the more contagious Delta version. The number of infections in the country has risen in recent weeks – mainly among young people, who only recently became eligible for vaccination. But 86 percent of adults In England I received at least one dose of the vaccine, among the highest rates in the world.

Nightlife and live events organizers, who have largely remained silent during the pandemic, have lobbied against further delays. Although many venues remain closed, Wembley Stadium will host the semi-finals and final of the European Football Championship in the coming days, with up to 60,000 people allowed to attend if they show evidence of vaccination or a negative test result for the virus.

However, there are concerns that large gatherings could lead to outbreaks. More than 2,000 people in Scotland have tested positive As for the virus last week after watching the Euro 2020 match in a stadium, fan zone or pub, according to National Health Scotland – nearly two-thirds of it is linked to the Euro 2020 match in London.

With England fully reopening, restaurants and pubs will be able to serve more patrons, and restrictions on gatherings such as weddings will be removed.

Britain reported more than 24,000 new daily cases on Sunday, the highest number since early February, Although hospitalization rates Mortality is still low. Medical experts urged officials to maintain some regulations, including mandatory face coverings and guidance on social distancing.

“It’s not a two-way decision for all or nothing,” said Dr Chand Nagpol, chair of the British Medical Association’s board, adding that such measures would reduce the impact of the rising infection.

England has accelerated its efforts to vaccinate young people in recent weeks, and officials said they are working on a program to provide booster doses to people over 50 and other vulnerable people next winter.

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