John Shannon: GNU and I spent a million dollars on drugs in just one year!


These days, Mama John Shannon has been sober for over a year Next to her boyfriend Gino Doak.

But 2019 was a very different year for her, and she lost more than her family’s trust.

Speaking to multiple outlets ahead of the Friday night premiere, June has some contrasting numbers to share.

By her estimate, she and Genno spent close to $ 1 million on drugs in just one year.

John Shannon remembers the worst (reach Hollywood)

As you can see in the included clip, June had a lengthy conversation with Getting to Hollywood this week.

“I’d like to say the last year of our addiction,” June estimates, “It would be a good $ 900,000.”

She said, “A lot of money was sent to our dope man.”

June confirmed that despite extensive use of pawn shops, many of its dealings were cashless.

She said that after she woke up and looked at the numbers, she found $ 80,000 in cash transactions.

As June reported before, she mentioned that she and GNU were waiting for $ 15K to get their last highs, but the late payment prompted them to rehab early.

June recalls, “I went to rehab with $ 1.75 for my name.”

She commented, “I came out with nothing.”

June described how, with production being postponed due to the epidemic, she had to “learn those ancient jobs” to stay afloat.

John explained, “It is much easier for me to say, ‘Hey, I don’t want to feel this.'”

“I don’t want to go back to that,” she stressed.

June cut straight to the chase: “I don’t want my bank accounts to be exposed.”

June shared how she used meth up until 2015. In 2017, she started her coke habit.

John said, “In this industry, it’s kind of crazy that until you get caught it’s okay.”

“And I think that’s the wrong way,” she said, “but – it’s right.”

“You miss so much,” John commented about her downward spiral.

“My children stopped talking to me …”, she added, which is understandable after her many betrayals.

John noted, “Now, what we care about is that we are trying to save our children and that was an operation.”

John admitted: “The addiction is selfish, but my recovery is also selfish.”

She described herself as an “addictive personality.”

June shared that she is now working on turning that into existence Passionate To “help people recover.”

June had a similar conversation with Us Weekly.

“I’ve spent nearly $ 750,000,” June said of 2019. It estimated it had spent more “like $ 1.5 million” on drugs.

“I had a lot of money saved because that’s just me, I’m just the kind of frugal person.”

“You should think about it, for example, literally from 2000 to 2017 [and into January 2020], June description.

“Our habits start with one gram a day, which is $ 100,” she explained.

“And then it went from there to nearly a few hundred dollars next week, two hundred dollars,” detailed June.

“Then it became $ 2,400 or $ 3,000, depending on where we were,” he added.

Specifically, she said, “If we were in Los Angeles, our habit would be four thousand a day.”

Everything is more expensive in certain cities.

Jun started “the only difference between me is using versus someone who doesn’t have money who will be homeless, or something like that.”

And she continued, “Did I have an abundance of money to do more drugs?”

June said that perhaps the only reason that surprised fans of her arrest was because she had been working until that last year.

“I know the world would be in shock because you didn’t know it,” Jun admitted.

She has distinguished herself over the years: “I used to work in journalism. I was living my life abroad.”

Jun added, “I was out doing, you know, I was doing season and things like that.”

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