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John Oliver Tonight’s episode began with a reminder that Prince Philip, the heir to the British throne who died last week, is married to his cousin.

“It’s a fact. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are two cousins ​​who later married – also known as Juliani’s Sweet Encounter,” Oliver joked.

The host continued to flick Florida congressman Matt Getz and the federal investigation into sex trafficking. It includes the latest developments The The Daily BeastDiscover Gaetz’s Venmo transaction log detailing $ 900 by contacting three women under notes like “Tuition” and “School”. Oliver offered some wise advice to the now-embarrassed politician: “Venmo for one thing and one thing only: passing judgment on friends’ spending habits while capturing wild financial mysteries.”

Then Oliver turned his lens toward the US refugee admission program. After Trump stripped his discriminatory eligibility limits, Oliver likened Biden’s inaction in his inconsistent speech and played clips of White House press secretary Jane Sackey as he avoided reporters’ questions regarding Biden’s pledge to increase the threshold for refugee admission.

“Rest assured that we are committed to transporting you to Orlando eventually, we cannot determine where your plane is, why it is taking so long or in what year it may arrive,” Oliver said imitating what Saki would look like as a plane. Spirit Aviation Gateway Agent.

Oliver explains the terrible predicament many refugees endure due to the president’s passivity. “Over 35,000 already [are] Resettlement has been approved here, but until Biden signs that determination, they owe a debt to Trump Low to accept racist nonsense rules. ”According to Oliver, approval for refugee resettlement exists for a certain period of time. If it expires unfortunately, refugees must Starting the papers again Even with approval, refugees do not appear to be currently flying to the approved resettlement city After Oliver described all this, he made it clear that the simple solution was the quick jar of the president’s pen.

“It was time for him to look deeply at his country, pick up a fountain pen and do the right thing,” Oliver emphasized.

Need some comedic relief after a sermon on a grave international crisis, a Montage One of the greatest questions asked on the Yahoo! The answers run on the screen. The absurdity of each question is displayed against a backdrop of mesmerizing snapshots of nature with the tune of Cello Suite # 1 by Bach play.

Then Oliver spends the majority of his program dissecting the lack of federal oversight of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The highlight of this clip includes a news clip in which the wife and daughter explain how they learned how to perform medical care at home through trial and error.

“There are certain things you can expect to learn through trial and error: solving the puzzle, learning to pronounce the name of the tambourine on Saturday, or choosing a haircut … but providing medical care should not be one of those things,” Oliver said.

Oliver notes that people who do not send loved ones to a facility are performing services themselves, usually unpaid. Oliver presents a startling statistic: The total amount of lost wages to family caregivers is $ 67 billion annually – a workforce that, if paid, would be comparable to Bulgaria’s GDP.

People who cannot afford retirement homes or do not have loved ones to take care of them usually end up in a long-term care facility. It divides its segment to focus on two types of long-term care units – nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Oliver notes how nursing homes have been plagued by shortages of staff, training, and funding. Situations It can be so extreme that, in a clip, employees go out to discuss how to embarrass them, the facilitators, of their work.

“I’m not embarrassed about my job, and only three minutes ago I was joking about eating a plate. This wasn’t just a joke,” Oliver quipped.

Oliver explains the complex system in which nursing homes have characterized patients with Medicare and those who have Medicaid. Each program pays nursing homes differently, and overbills occur frequently, leading to a cascade of lawsuits.

When the focus shifts to federal oversight of nursing homes, Oliver immediately reveals just how poorly equipped the government is to regulate the industry. Although there is a general list of facilities that regularly violate regulations, it should be capped at 88 since there is no money to include more. Moreover, other criteria in the lists such as number of employees and quality metrics are self-reported, revealing an enormous loophole about how the industry operates.

“Litter in and litter. This is pathetic. Something as important as the nursing home classification system should not follow the same rule as every recipe on the Velveeta website. “There’s no way any of these could be good,” said Oliver.

The most vivid and shocking example of a lack of federal oversight of long-term care facilities, especially subsidized living, was when Oliver showed an assisted living facility in Florida whose patients had inadvertently fallen into a crocodile pond. Their fate is somewhat clear.

“I honestly don’t know where to start there. But I think I’ll start, why would anyone put a living facility next to the af * cking pond.” Oliver said angrily, “It looks like that’s the kind of detail to include at the end of one of Brookdale’s heartwarming ads.” .

Keep telling terrifying stories about living facilities with the help of patients who commit suicide, freeze to death and sacrifice themselves.

Oliver’s call to action this week was to pass a nationwide reform beginning with the HCBS Access Act 2021, which will make home and community care a benefit under Medicaid.

He says this issue is of the utmost importance because our collective treatment of these people reveals our biggest patriotic ghosts.

“It all starts by showing that we give a little of what is happening to the elderly and people with disabilities in this country. Right now, the evidence points to the fact that we don’t do that at all and all other problems stem from that. The more we keep being ignored, the worse it gets. This is an industry.” People eat alive, “Oliver concluded.

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