Joe Rogan, broadcast giant who refused to vaccinate, has Covid


Joe Rogan, host Popular Podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” On Wednesday, he said he tested positive for the coronavirus after returning from a series of shows in Florida, where the virus is spreading.

Mr. Rogan from He was reprimanded by federal officials Last spring for explaining in his podcast that healthy young people don’t need Covid vaccines, he said he started feeling sick Saturday night after returning from performing in Orlando, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. He did not say whether he had been vaccinated.

In it he said, “All night long, I had a fever and sweating, and I knew what was going on.” Instagram videoHe added that he had moved to another part of his home away from his family. (On an episode of his podcast In April, he stated that his children had experienced mild Covid-19 symptoms earlier in the pandemic.)

He said he took a coronavirus test the next morning and came back positive.

Mr. Rogan said in the video he posted on Wednesday that he was treated with a series of medications. “Sundays are annoying,” he said, but by the time he made the video, he said he was feeling “good,” using an expletive.

“Thank you very much to Modern Medicine for getting me out of this so quickly and so easily,” he said.

The list of treatments he mentioned included monoclonal antibodies, which have been shown to protect Covid patients at risk of developing serious illness; and prednisone, a steroid widely accepted as a treatment for the Covid virus. When Donald J Trump contracted COVID during his presidency, he was It is also treated with monoclonal antibodies.

Mr. Rogan also said he received a “vitamin drip” in addition to ivermectin, a drug used primarily as a veterinary deworming agent. The Food and Drug Administration He warned Covid-19 patients not to take the drug, which has repeatedly been shown to be ineffective for them in clinical trials. However, it is a popular topic on Facebook and Reddit and among some conservative talk show hosts, and some toxicologists have warned of an increase in reports of Excessive exposure to the drug by those who obtain it from livestock supply stores.

Mr. Rogan was traveling nationally with a show called “Joe Rogan: The Sacred Clown Tour”. He was scheduled to perform with comedian Dave Chappelle in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday, but said in his video on Wednesday that it will be pushed back to October.

His podcast is a series of itinerant talks, often about whiskey and weed, on topics including but not limited to comedy, cage fighting, drugs, quantum mechanics, and the political excesses of the left. The show was licensed to Spotify last year in a deal estimated at $100 million. His comments on the spring show that undermine the value of vaccinations for healthy young people drew condemnation from Biden administration And Prince HarryAnother podcast from Spotify.

Mr. Rogan offered refunds to fans who bought tickets for an upcoming show scheduled to take place at Madison Square Garden after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio asked attendees at major events to show proof of vaccination.

Mr. Rogan said on His podcast last week That 13,000 tickets for the show have already been sold, but because it goes against the vaccine requirements, it will offer refunds.

“If someone has an ideological or physiological reason for not receiving a vaccination, I don’t want to force them to be vaccinated to watch” the show, He said on the podcast in late August, emphasizing his comment with abusive words. “And now they say everyone should be vaccinated, and I want everyone to know you can get your money back.”

Mr. Rogan returned from performing three shows last week in Florida, as the state is counting The highest increase ever In cases of infection with the virus, according to A New York Times database. Even as cases continue to rise, with more than 15,600 people hospitalized with the virus across Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, hold tight Regarding the ban on vaccination and mask authorizations. Florida death They are significantly higher than those in any other state in the country.

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