Jill Duggar’s character flaunts, celebrating the husband’s graduation from law school


Jill Duggar doesn’t let the biggest scandal in her family history frustrate her right now.

Not when she has something important to celebrate.

And not when she can take another opportunity to send a message to her separated parents; To clarify that now she is Especially Women no longer approve of their excessive conversational ways.

We mean … just look at the dress Jill wears in this new photo!

On Saturday, May 8, the 19-child squad and Counting Alum – who strayed from the rest of the Duggar family and their strict rules in 2017 – took to Instagram Story to share photos of her husband’s graduation from University of Arkansas Law School. .

“Prepare to graduate!” Jill described herself wearing a midi red dress.

“I am very proud of my leg,” she added.

As you can see above, Derek Dillard is standing behind his wife in the photo, rocking a wetsuit and giving a thumbs up to the camera.

He probably knows he’s going to have some wild, passionate sex with his better half after the party because, well …

… Gillel and Derek were very open minded Their methods based on the Kama Sutras in the past.

But that is not the point at the moment, as we assume.

On his Instagram page the day before, Derek reflected on his educational journey, posting a photo of his graduation a decade ago.

Cathy d pic

“My mom reminded me that exactly 10 years ago I graduated today from the College of Accountancy at Ohio State University, and tomorrow I will graduate from UA Law School,” the father-of-two began the lengthy caption before giving the Mother’s Day shout out to him mother and wife.

He continued, “My mother was my biggest supporter during that period, and my wife helped me enroll in law school.”

“I wouldn’t have done it without either, and they both remain my biggest supporters.

“Happy Mother’s Day to Jill and Mom!”

This exciting breakthrough happened to Jill and Derek a little over a week ago Josh Duggar was arrested on two charges Child pornography.

Jessa’s troubled older brother has been accused of downloading over 200 photos / videos from his work computer in May 2019.

These materials allegedly included minors under the age of 12, some of them as young as 18 months.

It’s a really terrifying twist.

Josh has pleaded not guilty and his trial is due to begin on July 6.

“We discovered this information yesterday,” said Jill and Derek shortly after the arrest. “It’s very sad.”

Days later, Jill posted about how she recently entered her “community”, drawing on those close to her during this difficult time.

“This morning in the church we were reminded how important community is!” The 29-year-old wrote alongside a photo of her holding a Starbucks cup last Sunday.

“I think I brought this up before, but I am literally calling for a good community !!

“We need to support others, pray … the people who live with them and much more!”

“I know this last year has tested us all a lot, but sometimes in difficult times you can see more clearly who your people are as they become the hands and feet of Jesus!”

For her part, Jill brought news of a completely different kind a few days ago.

Featured in People Magazine, Dujar was open about her decision To go on birth control for a while.

This clear and apparently responsible decision flew in the face of how it arose.

Jim Bob and Michael Duggar deeply resent birth control because, as Jill has now confessed, her mother and father believe that a woman’s job is to expel as many children as possible during her lifetime.

“Growing up, it was so ingrained in me that if you didn’t have as many children as possible, there was something wrong with that,” Jill told the publication.

“But there was a transformation in me,” she praised.

Wait, the Bible does not require one to give birth to, let’s say, 19 children to be a true Christian?

Duggar told People: “Children are a blessing, but that does not mean that at any cost you have to have as many children as possible.”

Amen Gil.

We’re glad you finally came.

Let’s hope your siblings do the same before it’s too late.

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