Jill Duggar casts a shadow over parents amid Josh Duggar’s sex scandal


Over the past few weeks, many Duggars have turned their backs on the beloved family one day.

And, of course, they were absolutely right to do so:

The eldest son Josh Duggar was recently arrested for child pornography, And it looks as if the ancient predator might finally be brought to justice.

That’s enough to make even die-hard Duggar nerds think twice before continuing to support this brutal family.

But people who are just now giving up Duggars are late to party.

More and more people realized how toxic this family was several years ago and have not wanted to do anything with them since.

The situation got so bad that even the Duggar family cut ties with the Duggars.

Yes, as you probably know, Jill Duggar is no longer talking With her parents.

But while we are sure she is happier than ever about this decision, Jill has not broken up her family due to Josh’s scandals.

Instead, she pulled the plug several years ago, primarily as a result of A feud between Jim Bob Duggar and Derek DillardGil’s husband.

The events of the past month made it easy for a generation to hang on to their guns.

The Duggars clearly prefer to keep a united front, but a generation doesn’t have it – and wants the whole world to know that they are still not affiliated with their famous family.

The contempt for the latter generation was subtle – but it was also evident.

Earlier this week, 30 generation shiftTo the amazement of many, her family contacted her and wished her a happy birthday on social media.

“happy birth day [Jill]!! we love you so much!”

Jill simply replied, “Thanks!”

Yes, just “Thanks!”

No “I love you too” or “I can’t wait to see you guys!”

The only way her reply could have been more shadowy was if she had left the exclamation mark.

As many fans were quick to point out, Jill’s contempt for her family was evident in this response.

“Thank you Jill!” It is very funny to me. If she had added, “Bless your hearts,” One user wroteAccording to Hollyood Life.

Another commented: “Thank you” is what is said when I have nothing left.

“This is honestly the best possible response and it made me laugh,” said a third ring.

Jill likely offered this shady response even if it wasn’t because of Josh Duggar’s recent scandal.

After all, she’s been out with her family for several years, and it looks like she has no intention of burying the hatchet anytime soon.

As for what prompted Jill to distance herself from the rest of the Counting On clan, Jim Bob’s feud versus Derick is the most common theory, but we really don’t know for sure.

Jim Bob’s team refuses to discuss the matter at all, and while Jill occasionally opens up on her podcast, she usually speaks in very vague terms.

“We are not in the best of relationships with some of my family. We have had some disagreements, but we are working towards recovery and recovery for sure, but we kind of have to take some time and recover,” Gill said.

“We are doing what’s best for our family at the moment and we’re just doing it, I think,” she added.

“We pray and trust in God who represented the timeline and what it looks like and everything. So we definitely value your prayers, and we don’t want to go into detail.”

So you may never know why the war broke out between these two factions.

But one thing is for sure:

Maybe Jill and Derek are overjoyed that they don’t have to make an effort to defend Josh.

In fact, there’s a good chance these two will hope he’ll finally be locked up.

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