Jess Caroline ruins her physical fiance for 90 days: Why does my body bother you?


Fiancé 90 days The star was Jess Caroline Blow up her body Since then, well, Always.

Jess was enjoying a (belated) honeymoon with her husband, Brian Hanvey.

But the trolls attack her because of her body shape … and Jess claps again.

This isn’t just about her body. This happens to a lot of people. It must stop.

“You’re fat, this is not a nice bathing suit,” Jess Caroline quotes in a touching post.

She continued, quote: “Too much cellulite,” You should be ashamed of your body. “

“Ugly,” she finished her list. “These are some of the comments I get daily.”

“These are things that women have to deal with every day,” Jess said sadly.

“We struggle hard to push waves of shame on the body,” she admits.

Jess stressed how difficult it is for women to struggle to “love and accept themselves”.

“It’s not an easy task,” Jess observed grimly.

In fact, she wrote that in the face of misogynistic physical shame, this is “almost impossible”.

It’s tough, Jess explained, “as we’re constantly being reminded that we’ll never be enough.”

“Why all this hate?” Jess asked as he delved into the root of the problem.

I asked wisely: “Why does my body bother you so much?”

Then Jess strongly recommended: “You should think about this.”

Jess correctly asserted: “I’m not the problem.”

And she stressed that “the woman is not the problem,” acknowledging that she is not the only victim.

(We will delve deeper into the actual problem soon)

Jess said, “My happiness in myself, no matter how I look, is not a problem and it never will be.”

And she rightly added, “your impossible standards and your hate.”

It’s cruel yet true – unlike the cruel things that have been said about it.

Jess Caroline AG - vs Shamers (February 2021)

“Enough is enough!” Jess announced.

“We deserve to be happy,” she declared.

Jess concluded on a gracious note, “And you are.”

The commentators apparently flocked to Jess with words of support and praise.

We’re sure it pales in comparison to the hate and body shaming.

At the same time, we’re equally sure that having Jess getting such an affirmation means a lot.

So let’s address the question – why does Jess’s body bother people so much?

For some of them, it’s not about her body, they just realize that she’s sensitive about it so they just mention it when they criticize.

In their case, this could be the result of anything from just feeling helpless in their lives to choosing to hate her for her role on TV.

Some trolls decided that Jess should have “used” Colt to get the green card, a xenophobic accusation that is totally bogus.

If Jess (or Larissa Lima before her) had only been looking to reside in the United States, they would have put up with Colt’s manipulations and strange lies.

Instead, when he cheated, their feelings got hurt. If after getting a visa don’t cry when a guy cheats, you go ‘Whew, less work for me!

Defamation of the body generally comes from two places.

The first is very specific European beauty standards that favor certain features over others. So, yeah, a lot of body defamation is also racist.

The second is the fear, conscious or subconscious, that you may not meet these criteria. If this is causing someone to attack, they need to be treated.

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