Jenelle Evans: MTV is trying to ruin my life! I deserve to be a superstar!


Do you know this thing that Jenelle Evans does where she lies a lot?

And then you either lose track of her lies or somehow think that no one can remember anything she said at all?

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, don’t worry – we’ll put it all together for you.

And if you know exactly what we’re talking about … well, sit back and relax, because that’s another book topic.

okay then Jenelle has been fired from Teen Mom 2 Back in May 2019 after Her husband, David Eason, brutally murdered her dog.

It looked like “the straw that broke the camel’s back” since then David was fired a little over a year ago for making anti-gay remarks.

Since then, they’ve been filming Jenelle with a rule that they wouldn’t shoot if David was around, and he appeared several times without warning, causing the crew to pack up and leave.

There were also several reports that the crew didn’t feel safe while filming in Jenelle Swamp with David swinging.

Anyway, MTV decided that dog killing was where they drew the line, and they released a statement announcing that they were no longer filming with Jenelle.

It should have been, right?

not much.

After she was publicly fired, Jenelle claimed that the network told her that they only chose not to film with her for one season, as if they were going to let everything explode and then resume working with her.

That was clearly not the case.

After that she began saying that her contract with MTV prevented her from working with any other networks on any other TV shows, and The contract will expire in April 2020.

She said this a lot.

She told E! “My contract with MTV officially expired in April,” he said early last year. “That was the only thing I had been waiting for moving forward.”

“Once April comes, I can start talking to other networks, thank God!”

Then when April came, she tweeted, “It feels great to be In complete control of your future without any restrictions“.

Obviously, she’s no longer contracted with MTV in April of 2020, right?

Not so fast.

April came and went, but there was no big announcement from it, nor a new TV gig.

So once again I started to complain about how She absolutely loved doing all kinds of workBut an annoying MTV contract was still weighing on her shoulders.

She’s been doing it quite a bit for the past two months, saying the decade will end this spring without whispering how it was supposed to end the last The autumn.

In a Q&A she did this weekend on TikTok, she explained this new version of the decade preventing her from being a TV star.

Someone asked her if she would ever consider presenting her own reality show, and she replied, “Yes, I definitely will, and I would like to continue sharing my story, but now is not the time.”

Why is that, Jenelle?

“I’m still a contract,” she laughs.

And she continued: “I am waiting for May 21, then it is time to celebrate because I will be a free agent!”


Last year, she made it clear that her contract expired in April, at which point she would be able to “move forward” and had “no restrictions” on her career choices.

So how is what you are saying now supposed to have any meaning?

Did she somehow misunderstand her original contract? Has she renegotiated with MTV so she has an extra year of inability to act?

Or is she just lying about being a contractor so that she doesn’t have to admit that she hasn’t found another reality show yet?

Maybe the latter, right?

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