Jemele Hill and Michael Schur joined Meadowlark Media as Creative Advisors to the John Skipper-Dan Le Batard Outfit – Deadline


Former ESPN Writer, Podcast and Personality Jimmel Hill And the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Co-creator and prolific producer Mike Shore join Meadowlark Media As creative advisors.

Meadowlark is a content project created in January led by former ESPN President John Skipper And former TV presenter and columnist Dan Le Patard.

Hill and Shore, in their advisory roles, will help generate ideas for new projects, provide direction and feedback on projects in progress, and assist in business development.

Among Meadowlark’s supporters is billionaire Len Blavatnik, whose company owns the live streaming service DAZN. Skipper was CEO of DAZN until he was reunited with Le Batard to form Meadowlark. They both worked with Hill at ESPN.

“This is a partnership that made a lot of sense.” Hale said in a press release, “Skipper was one of my biggest heroes when I was at ESPN and I have a deep and unconditional respect for Dan and admire a lot for his boundless creativity.” “At this point in my career, I just want to be in tune with the creators.” Who have the same mindset. This doesn’t mean we should always agree, but rather, there is a core belief system that we share. This partnership verifies every fund for me. “

Through its production company, Lodge Freeway Media, Hill Meadowlark will provide a first look at all projects related to the sport. After her 12-year tenure at ESPN ended in 2018, she became a writer on Atlantic Ocean It launched a podcast with Spotify. She garnered wider attention – and a two-week comment – during the Donald Trump administration for tweeting about Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ‘stance on the players’ protests. She also tweeted that Trump was a white fanatic, prompting calls for Trump to dismiss the White House.

Schur, along with creating and producing series such as Parks and recreational resorts And the Good place He also co-created an animated series Rutherford Falls And the Q Force. He is a longtime fan of the sport who created the Fire Joe Morgan blog, which had a remarkable success in the late 2000s, and its creators continued to contribute to Deadspin. Using the Twitterkentremendous handle, he often tweets about the sport.

In the press release, Sure described Meadowlark as “an exciting new project” and indicated that he had traveled to Miami three years ago to compose a picture of Le Batard for Slate. “At the end of the experiment,” he said, he concluded that Le Batard and his collaborators are on the daily ESPN talk show Very doubtful “Create something very special – both in terms of the issues they discuss and the way they are discussing them.”

Meadowlark staffed and started pipeline filling with projects. Advance in this month, They announced a new podcast featuring Hank Azaria Re-enacting the role of Jim Brockmer, the fictional title character in his recently concluded comedy film IFC.

“We are very fortunate to have such talented and distinguished people who believe in the vision of Medullark,” Skipper said. “With Jemele and Michael joining, we hope to create an environment that provides content creators the ideal place to develop, sell and produce their best professional work.”

Le Batard said he and Skipper were stunned by the credentials of people who crave creativity with us. It’s inspiring, and I have many exit ramps further and thrilled that these industry leaders want to be on our team. Jemele is a pioneer in our industry that has been a pioneer and an inspiration, Michael’s Smart Comedy across comedy extends from writing to Saturday Night Live And the the desk To create Parks and recreational resorts And the Good place. ”

Hill is represented by Evan Dick in Exit 39.

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