Jana Kramer blows up Mike Kosen: It’s Not Fair He’s a Series Cheater!


Her years of monetization Troubles in her marriage More than.

Now, Jana Kramer embarks on a new journey: monetizing it Divorce from Mike Cossen.

She does so in a new interview, expressing her sadness.

This is evident, because she breaks down in tears as she describes the state of things.

Instead of being joined by her deceitful ex-husband, Jana chats on her podcast with her friend Sarah Gretzky and life coach Gabby Bernstein.

“My heart is beating,” Jana confessed to her friend.

“This … very sorry to everyone who is listening now – it’s not easy,” she cried.

“For those of you who haven’t had the news,” Jana said.

She announced, “I filed for divorce a few weeks ago.”

“It was not easy, I will say it,” said Jana.

“Honestly, I don’t even know if I want to do the show anymore,” Jana admits.

“I am completely honest,” she added.

She remembered how she started a podcast on her own, but with Mike joining it, she felt the podcast was “just like us.”

Then Jana explained, “So it’s strange now that he’s not here.”

“I don’t know, it feels strange,” she said.

Jana also noted that she is currently “in the middle of sadness.”

And Jana went on to detail that things are most painful in the morning and at night.

During the day, when she takes care of her children, she feels pouting will be a luxury.

But when the kids take a daily nap, Jana says, she goes to her room and cries.

Jana said that at the time she felt “so depressed” that she was unable to load the dishwasher.

She described, “I was a zombie, that was for two weeks.”

“Now I go and go crying,” described Jana.

“I didn’t want that,” she said.

She said, “At the end of the day, I think where I am now, I feel embarrassed.”

“I feel embarrassed because this is the way it ended,” Jana explained.

And then, “Jana admits,” “I also feel like I’ve let people down.”

“We came here and we fought and fought for it,” she stressed.

And Jana continued: “But, really, the words that were said, were true to me, this is what I will say.”

Here’s friend Sarah admitted that she was in awe of Jana’s divorce from her infamous traitorous husband.

According to Sarah, everything looked fine.

Jana admitted she felt the same about her marriage.

Jana admits, “Up until a few days before things came out, we were like, ‘Wow, we’re really fine now.’

She thanked the fans who showered her with support.

She also noted that couples in similar situations asked how she found “the courage” to leave Mike.

“I still don’t have the power,” Jana admits.

“It’s just a place where it’s the case,” she admits. “I have no other choice.”

Jana described her emotional state: “I am weaker than ever.”

Jana suggested optimistically: “Maybe in the future, I will feel this strong.”

But, she revealed, she went to my therapist a few weeks ago.

Jana went to her therapist by saying, “Like,” Okay, I’m going to live this life. I don’t want my family to be separated. “

“Everything is like,” Jana said. “I didn’t want this for the kids.”

“I stayed for my children,” she said, “even when other things happen.”

“My therapist was like, ‘You don’t want to live this life … It’s taking your life away,'” said Jana.

Jana explained her reasoning: “I’m like,” Yeah, but my kids. We’ll be together. “

She started choking again, imagining what it would be like when her kids would drop by for a night visit with their dad.

“I will be destroyed,” Jana expected.

“It’s not what I want, it’s not what I worked for, and it’s not what I want,” Jana said.

She said, “It makes me so angry.”

“I worked hard to end up this way,” said Jana sadly.

Jana previously thought it was “strong” to stay with Mike despite everything.

“Everything” in this case includes a cheating scandal, “sex addiction relapse”, and the sexting scandal.

Also a mysterious incident where “boundaries” were “broken”, and more accusations only six months ago that he was cheating again.

For now, though, Jana said she is starting to feel “weak” for her survival.

She said, “Because I’m staying because I don’t want to be alone.”

Jana explained, “I will stay because I want to keep my family together, and I don’t know I believe the change anymore.”

Jana shared that she had “friends who basically told me they’d lose their respect for me” if she didn’t leave Mike.

“These were the friends who were like, ‘We love you and support you no matter what,'” she said.

While Mike claimed to have “a sex addiction,” Jana expressed that the Circuit of Tolerance and Transgression had made Ha Feel like an “addict”.

“I feel like I’m out of heroin,” described Jana.

She explained, “I love it, I need it.” “What do I need? It is not healthy.”

“I don’t know what the healthy version looks like anymore,” Jana admits.

“There are definitely moments when the situation is in,” Jana said of her current relief. “It’s nice not to have to question.”

“You worry, look. I was always very scared from that moment,” she added.

Jana said she and Mike attempted a brutal, honest conversation “a few weeks before everything came out.”

Jana at the time didn’t want to “find” it on her own, so she asked him if there was anything.

She added, “It was a connected moment and I swear to the sobriety that there is nothing.”

Jana said, “Knowing now what I know … not having to look at things and question, question and worry, there is some comfort in that.”

Jana admits that there is “a lot of sadness” when it comes to their children.

“Because they do not deserve this, they did not ask for it,” she explained.

Jana said she feels sad when she thinks about a “dream of what she thought would be” about their future marriage.

But Mike was not “who I thought I worked with and who told all of us who he is”.

“Not really realizing it is kind of a slap in the face,” Jana admits.

It is betrayal, through and through.

Jana said she hopes the podcast will not turn into “a guide to single mothers’ divorce.”

She also pledged that “not everyone will be a sad show.”

Only time will tell if she is better at keeping her promises than Mike.

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