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The battle for planet Earth has reached an inflection point. We can report from high-ranking sources that the Khazarian mafia has reached out and is trying to negotiate a transfer of power (see further down for details).

However, sources ranging from the CIA, MI6, Asian secret societies, the FSB, the Pentagon, etc. agree that it is time to stop responding and start to act. We need to continue the offensive on all fronts until we see a surrender followed by a billions of dollars campaign to fix the planet.

We’ve heard this talk of surrender before and it always turns out to be a way to buy time until a terrible new incident happens. For example, the Kabbal has repeatedly threatened recently to blow up the Three Gorges Dam in China. This would devastate the 350 million people living downstream.

It would also result in retaliation in the form of blowing up the island of La Palma, hitting the eastern coast of the United States at a rate of 600 miles per hour from a 100-meter tsunami, wiping out Florida and so on.

This is why coming up with a win-win solution is a much better option than mutually assured destruction.

However, we know that the Khazarian mafia has been planning events decades, if not longer, in advance. That means now that the fear of pandemic campaign is losing momentum, they have something else planned.

On this front, we noticed the Turkish TV broadcast about why the Evergreen EverGen ship closed the Suez Canal at the same time that the Evergreen truck closed the main highway in China. They claim it was to stop a large and long-planned environmental disaster “global warming.” It is true and we hope that the television broadcast is correct and stops the planned disaster.

There is also more and more evidence of UFOs and aliens on corporate propaganda media.

This may very well mean that the “Their Conquest by Little Green Men” campaign, which they have been working on since at least the 1930s, may soon be shown on a “news” screen near you. Also, watch the sky for holograms.

The launch of these campaigns is, in fact, a sign of the despair of the Khazarian mafia. Do you remember how the Roman dictator Ceausescu continued to intensify the repression until he ended up in front of the firing squad? The same thing appears to be happening in Canada now. When Ontario Premier Doug Ford called for a blanket lockdown last week, using the fake pandemic as an excuse, 39 of Ontario’s 45 police stations refused to move forward.

It shouldn’t be long before the Manchurian candidate Justin Castro and his followers in the Khazarian mafia faced their firing squad equivalent.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the coup that toppled democratically elected President Donald Trump is collapsing. Our CIA sources confirm that the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley has been ousted and that Marine General David Berger has assumed command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The new leadership needs to coordinate with their Canadian counterparts to liberate North America. The shared principles of democracy, the rule of law, the division of powers, and meritocracy should be the glue that unites the fledgling North America.

We also now discover that the coup in the United States was carried out by members of the same team that helped bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union and used similar methods: a combination of bribery and murder, according to CIA sources. In particular, the Rockefeller criminal family and their followers on the Fortune 500 gave $ 12 trillion in bribes for …

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