Israel and Palestine: A political solution is the only way to end “irrational” cycles of violence |


The ambassadors met in person in New York as a fragile cessation of hostilities continues, 11 days after this month’s bloody conflict that engulfed the occupied Palestinian territories and many cities across Israel.

“These recent events have demonstrated once again the costs of perpetual conflict and the loss of hope,” He said Mr. Winsland, the official United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

He spoke on the phone from Jerusalem, shortly after the United Nations and its partners announced Urgent Appeal, valued at $ 95 million To support people in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Political and humanitarian response

Mr Wennesland stressed the need for the two sides to return to the negotiating table, despite warning of a “business as usual” approach.

“In the end, it is the lack of“ light at the end of the tunnel ”- of the political horizon – after decades of conflict, that kills hope and provides space for those not interested in sustainable peace,” he said.

“Only through negotiations that end the occupation and create a viable two-state solution, based on United Nations resolutions, international law and mutual agreements, with Jerusalem as the capital of both states, can we hope to put an end to these meaningless matters and costly cycles of violence.”

‘Hell on Earth’

The recent conflict between Israel and armed groups in Gaza was among the fiercest hostilities the country has seen in years.

Mr. Winsland reported that Hamas and other militants launched more than 4,000 rockets from Gaza, many of which were intercepted by the Israeli air defense system, Iron Dome, while Israel carried out more than 1,500 strikes against what it said were armed targets.

The United Nations estimates that more than 250 Palestinians have been killed, including entire families, among the victims, 66 children. In Israel, 13 people were killed: nine civilians, two of whom were children, three foreigners and a soldier.

Relentless air strikes have forced nearly 70,000 people in Gaza to seek shelter in schools run by the United Nations agency to help the Palestinian people, UNRWA.

The employees who ventured out every day in the middle of the fighting to help them described the period as “health on the ground,” He said UNRWA President Philip Lazarini speaks from its headquarters in East Jerusalem.

Strengthening the United Nations agency

Mr. Lazarini was in Gaza earlier this week. He said that practically everyone he met reported that they were horrified and shocked.

He said, “I have met parents asking themselves every night whether all their children should sleep near them or spread them all over the house.” “Should they all die together? Or should they try to save some by distracting them?”

Mr. Lazarini stated that until a political solution to the conflict is found, only a strong UNRWA can bring a “sense of normality” into the lives of Palestinians. He stressed the need for reliable and adequate funding for its work in providing basic services, such as education.

The United Nations and its partners said that at least 57 schools, nine hospitals, and 19 primary health care centers were partially or completely damaged in the fighting that took place at a time when the besieged Gaza health system was dealing with the burden Covid-19.

Rebuilding Gaza

The $ 95 million appeal, launched in Jerusalem on Thursday, targets one million people over the next three months, in the areas of protection, health, water and sanitation, education and food security.

Speaking to reporters in New York, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Lynn Hastings, noted that while buildings can be repaired, concern is how recurrent conflicts affect the psychological and social well-being of Gazans, especially children.

“But while the immediate needs on the ground were identified in the Flash Appeal launched today … we all need to ensure that the mistakes that constantly lead us back to having to rebuild Gaza,” she said.

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