Isabel Rollof: Yes, I am older than my husband. so what?!?


Isabelle Ruleof and Jacob Rolloff often share very beautiful photos of each other.

For most observers, these shots are deeply romantic.

They picture a couple in love.

But to others? To the trolls, losers, and idiots who choose to give a stranger a tough time on her body?

They are filming something else, unfortunately.

On Thursday, Isabelle shared a lengthy statement on Instagram in response to some of the terrible things that were said about her on the internet.

She wrote passionately about the “experience of being a curvy person with a skinny partner,” explaining:

“This is something that has not been talked about enough that it leaves people feeling lonely. This is my experience. I felt a lot lonely about it.”

Apparently, there are already people looking at pictures of Isabel and Jacob – the fourth child Small people, big world Stars Amy and Matt Rolloff – and make fun of the first.

Simply because her body is bigger than her husband’s.

Roloff went on to describe how pictures of her and her man often lead to comments like … “She’s a lot older than him,” “Either she can cook or has a great personality,” or even, “That’s disrespectful, your man loses weight.”

What is f-ck, right?!?!

“Then the comments are quickly deleted by me, and then the person is banned,” Isabel told her followers.

“I’m in a good place with my body now, I really am, but it’s still fun to see them.”

This is a very sensitive topic for Isabel because she has been outspoken in the past Having an eating disorder.

So she continued in her letter:

“A lot of body image issues stem from the desire to take up less space.

“And when you are” bigger “than your partner, you can feel very embarrassed by taking up more space than them.


Isabel said she often wonders what other people think about the diminution of size anytime she and Jacob are in public.

“The size of our bodies has no effect on our worth,” Rulloff said with great and impressive precision.

“Our unique body shapes should be celebrated, not shamed. Moreover, we are more than our bodies. So much more than that.”

Amen Isabel!


Isabel has been very open recently About her psychological struggles.

And it’s really annoying that she has to deal with these types of criticism from social media users.

I wrote this week, sending the perfect message: “You know it’s okay to be different from your partner. He’s more than good, he’s beautiful. He’s perfect.”

“I have struggled with this for a long time in secret, if talking about this helps normalize it, it will be worth it.”


Isabel recently posted a coded message on social media about how far she has gone Feud with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff has left her feeling anxious.

She wrote that she “needs some space from this place. My anxiety breaks off and on.”

“There are different things that lead to this, but honest interactions with the people who are here can push me to escalate and make my anxiety worse than anything else.”

Keep waiting there, Isabel.

Keep feeling positive about yourself and please keep sending these inspiring messages.

We salute you on them.

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