In Georgia, the new attorney general has begun to defraud Trump and his allies


She said, “I have 182 unaccused public murders, including 222 accused.” “I have a supported sexual crime unit. But I am very capable of identifying the great people to work in this office who are dedicated to the cause of making this boycott safer, and I’m not giving up on my duty, because I have other responsibilities.”

Clark de Cunningham, a professor of law at Georgia State University in Atlanta, said that it appears Ms. Welles may be “backing down” in the Trump case, “because of the range of types of crimes mentioned in” and added: “That message, especially talk of extortion and conspiracy.”

The lobbying campaign to cancel the Georgia election results began on November 13, when Mr. Graham, a Trump ally from South Carolina, had a phone call with Mr. Ravensburger, Georgia’s foreign secretary. Mr. Ravensberger, the Republican, later said that Mr. Graham asked him if he had the power Get rid of all sounds in the mail From certain provinces, a proposal rejected by the foreign minister. (Mr. Graham argued Mr. Raffensperger’s account.)

On December 3, Mr Giuliani, Mr Trump’s personal attorney, Back Before a committee in the Senate in the state of Georgia, saying that “there is more than enough evidence to conclude that these elections were fraudulent,” and made a number of false allegations. Two days later, Mr. Trump called Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia, to pressure him to call a special session of the legislature to cancel the elections. Then Mr.Trump called Republican Attorney General of Georgia, Chris Carr, and I pressed it Not to oppose a legal attempt to challenge election results in Georgia and other swing states.

Because of Trump’s flurry of calls, Ms. Willis said she believes she is the only official with a jurisdiction who does not have a conflict of interest. As she wrote in her letters to other government officials, “This office is the only agency with jurisdiction that is not a witness to the conduct that is the subject of the investigation.”

Even after Mr. Ravensberger re-endorsed election results on December 7, Mr. Trump’s efforts intensified. Three days later, Mr. Giuliani testified before a committee of the State Council, Repeating false allegations Polling personnel in Atlanta Square are counting the invalid votes Stuffed in bagsWhen they were using their regular storage containers. “It seems they are losing consciousness, drugged,” he said during the hearing.

Gabriel Stirling, a senior aide to Mr. Ravensburger, ridiculed the allegations as ridiculous, ”Ocean type diagram 11Adding, “This has been completely debunked.”

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