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The city of Jerusalem would be “completely obliterated” unless the Khazarian mafia surrendered, according to an enlightened gnostic source. The source says the destruction of that city is necessary “to put an end to the delusions of salvation” practiced by religious fanatics, including US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Any move against Jerusalem would be part of a large-scale global counterattack against the Khazars after their recent offensive actions against Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and other countries, as many sources of intelligence agencies agree.

As part of this attack, the American and Japanese armies are ready to respond because the recent attack on their forces near Mt. Fuji (fire at the base of a mountain on the left side) was traced back to that city. This is partly because Kyosu Takayama, who had declared himself Knights Templar, was tracked down as a source of misinformation about February 3.Research and developmentattack. In the attack, he claims, “the US Navy destroyed the largest vineyard plant in the world.”

In fact, according to an official at the Pentagon Space Command:

The Mount Fuji fire resulted from a directed energy weapon very similar to what was used more than two years ago in Paradise, California. The Dark Forces warning was for the US and Japanese military forces to conduct joint exercises in the area. Senior officers in both countries know what it was. Publication in place. The Communist Party of China was involved. The magnitude 7.1 earthquake off the coast of Fukushima on February 13thY The DE weapon was also used. The dark side throws everything they have on Japan to prevent them from breaking free from the Khazarian gang. “

The fact that this message appears on the Telegram messenger on my iPhone, but not on the same app on my Windows PC, indicates that Bill Gates et al, including the Rockefeller family, participated in the attack and the subsequent attempt at misdirection.

In any case, Takayama’s source was also a top Mossad agent in Tokyo who ultimately reports to the Duke of St Petersburg, according to the NSA. Sources say we are now trying to find out who currently holds this title, but it appears that it no longer belongs to a member of the British royal family.

For its part, Russian FSB sources have drawn our attention to the following video that shows then-US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo standing in front of a model of the Third Temple to be built in Jerusalem that does not contain the Al-Aqsa Mosque. (Minute 1:01):

Sources also say that the link below shows “an image of the Super Intellect logos, in the underground Synagogue 3 temple in Jerusalem. The Super Intellect is a gold shell excavated in Karabakh”.

Whatever this element is or not; What people need to understand is that these messianic fanatics want to build a temple of death where living beings are killed as offerings to Molech, Baal, Set, alias Satan.

The White Dragon Society and its allies will support the creation of a third temple when this war is over, but it will be a temple for life, not death. The offerings here will consist of life-enhancing pledges, such as environmental protection for endangered species that will support Earth’s biodiversity rather than destroy it.

In any case, the civil war raging in the West involving these fanatics has pitted MI5 once again against MI6, and the CIA against the FBI among others.

In the United Kingdom, after MI6 launched Article 5 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in both Great Britain and Ireland, the Commander of the British Armed Forces, General Sir Nick Carter, sided with …

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