How To Drink Tequila – Quality Tequila Brands


There are many brands of tequila but there are certain brands that stand out as being of high quality. Patron and Casamigos are two top brands. Both are distilled from agave plant and come with distinct flavor profiles. Patron has a stronger flavor profile than Casamigos however, it is a less pronounced one.

Generally speaking, tequilas do not as strong as other kinds of liquors. However, there are a few brands that are more powerful than the norm, including Tapatio Blanco, El Luchador and Dulce Vida. Most tequilas and vodkas are at or below 80 proof. Pure tequila could be up to 192 proof. The ethanol content of tequila provides it with its distinctive burning.

Heare are some Widest Range of Famous Quality Tequila Brands. If you’re looking to find a great ripper and you’re looking for a ripper, then Agavales Blanco could be your best bet. This tequila has been aged in whisky casks made of scotch for 14 months. It has a rich oaky taste and subtle hints of toffee. While it’s not meant to be consumed straight however, it can make a fantastic jello shot.

It is important to choose a tequila which has won multiple awards. Corralejo tequila was awarded 22 awards over the past decade. It is triple distillated, which is not the case with other tequilas. It also employs the copper pot and column still methods. It has a pale straw color and a distinct vanilla scent, with hints of peppercorn and pear.

Another popular brand is Casamigos. Casamigos is an excellent brand to introduce mezcal to. Rey Campero is a distillery located in the southern mountains of Oaxaca. Mezcal is made using various types of agave and is very tasty.

There are five main kinds of tequila, each having its own unique methods of production. Tequila is also classified based upon the amount of sugars. A “mixto” tequila contains at least 50 percent agave sugars, while a “100 percent agave” tequila is made from sugars that are that are naturally found in the blue agave plant.

Another example of high-quality tequila is Don Julio 1942. This brand was instrumental in establishing the industry of tequila as it is today. It is an Anejo tequila, which requires a long and intense maturation process. It is aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for at least two years. While it’s not the most expensive, Don Julio 422 is an excellent choice for authentic Tequila.

Casamigos Tequila is a great choice. The brand is focused on drinking tequilas, and is renowned for its high quality. This tequila has a smoother flavor profile than other brands. Casamigos is a smoother and less bitter Tequila.

The flavor of Casa Noble Tequila is complex, with notes of citrus fruits, baked apples, and spices. It is also loaded with nice acidity. There is a hint of vanilla and butterscotch. There is also a touch of white pepper in this brand.

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