How Safe Are Bounce Houses For Kids? Find Out More About How We Make Safety Our Highest Priority


If you are planning an event for your child, make sure to put safety over everything else when choosing entertainment. You should always do some research on Bounce houses rentals, but they can be a safe and fun source of entertainment for your next party.

Details & Tips:

This article will provide the following information to assist you in finding the best rental for your upcoming party or event. Then we’ve provided you with all the information you need to make sure you are extremely safe.

First Tip: Commercial Products:

Make sure you rent inflatable water slides or bounce houses from commercial businesses. A personal-use only bounce house can be bought from real retail outlets like Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon, and it can be misread as a rental bounce house, and this is not so safe. Because the vinyl is thinner, they cannot safely support as much weight. Furthermore, they’ll be much easier to damage. We carry only vinyl inflatables made here in the United States made to 18 oz.

A second tip — Inflation:

We recommend inflating bounce houses in large, open spaces with enough stability and height for the bounce house to remain in a flat area. The venue you plan to have the bounce house inflated in should be revealed to the Bounce houses rentals companies beforehand, so a safe deployment can be planned.

Prior to building the space, we assure that inflation concerns are curtailed. Our online reservation process allows customers to enter a photo during the reservation process, and we contact all customers to make sure their space is safe.

The third tip — Winds:

Relocating the party to an indoor venue may prove easier in the event of exceptionally strong winds and stormy weather. In a strong wind, bounce houses can get caught and taken away.

Weather and safety are our main concerns, and the forecast is monitored up until the delivery date. We are much more likely to encounter rain in the Portland area than wind, however we always stick with the manufacturers’ recommendation of never exceeding 20mph.

The fourth tip is to supervise:

The children are… well, the children. As with any other type of play, you need to supervise them on a bounce house. Keep all the rules posted on the outside, and make sure you follow them.

Parents can unwind and let their kids roam freely at outdoor parties while they let their kids enjoy the company of other adults. This is good, but at least one adult needs to be assigned for general supervision. Potential participants of different ages are concerned mainly. The last thing you want is a two-year old and a twelve-year-old bouncing on the same round.

A Last Tip: Licensed & Insured Company:

If you’re planning on renting a bounce house, ensure the company is licensed and insured. The only way to unknowingly ensure a safe rental experience is to avoid dealing with fly-by-night rental companies.

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