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The criminal act known as the USA Foundation has ended. Actual correspondents on the ground with press passes at the White House assert that no one is in the White House. Corrupt members of Congress and Senate do not dare show their faces in Washington, DC, knowing that they could be arrested if they did. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jan/21/house-cancels-business-during-first-full-biden-wee/

Here’s a picture of the Oval Office Sound Theater where they film the so-called “President” Biden using Hollywood FX.

This is always another option. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-55469093

Various costumes were used in Biden’s mock installations. One of the sources on the site says that representatives have been hired.

Compare now with the inauguration of George Bush Jr. All uniforms bear badges.

There are lots of other clues, like photos of the parking lot behind the Oval Office, when there is an actual lawn in the background.

The chief thief denied Biden and his team the use of a government plane and had to travel on a private plane, which shows how he is an illegitimate boss.

Pentagon sources say that we are now in a period of hiatus before the establishment of the United States of America. In the end, they propose from Alaska to Argentina. Sources say that a new capital will be built, and Washington, D.C. will become a museum and tourist attraction.

Remember that the United States of America, founded in 1776, was replaced by a privately owned company in 1871. That company has now expired.

However, the owners of the company: Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc., the crime families still fight with their teeth and nails to keep the illusion of control intact. They reached an agreement with Communist China to finance their company and blackmail the US military with dirty nuclear bombs.

This is why their sh-t-show is still on many TVs. As additional evidence, Rockefellers is trying to sell us to China, take a look at the failed CCP that they want to run the CIA: https://thenationalpulse.com/exclusive/biden-cia-director-ccp/

However, Pentagon, MI6 and Russian FSB sources say that an ongoing counterattack would put an end to the fake epidemic and the related attempt to establish a totalitarian rule. Russian FSB sources promise that “the global trend is to stop epidemic hysteria by May.” Of course, we’ve seen so many deadlines come and go with no apparent change that we will only believe this when we see it.

However, the reason Russians say it will be over by May is that – although the information has been carefully deleted from the Internet in English – the truth is that in 2020 the global death statistics showed no increase. In other words, objective facts show that the entire epidemic is fake.

The article at the link below in Russian contains charts in English that explain these statistics. Please use google translate or something similar to read the text. https://hippy-end.livejournal.com/3918359.html

Moreover, shocking discoveries about the true cause of the ongoing mRNA vaccination campaign have spurred the global special forces to intensify their stalking and killing operations against the political office of the Khazarian mafia and their associates. This means, for example, that the entire extended Rockefeller family is rounded off.

This is evidence of Rockefeller’s guilt from a document their foundation released in May 2010:

In 2021, the epidemic that the world had been expecting for years finally emerged. Unlike 2009 H1N1, this new flu strain – which originated from wild geese – was highly virulent and deadly. Even the most prepared countries for a pandemic were quickly overwhelmed when the virus spread around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the world’s population and killing 8 million in just seven months, most of them healthy young people.

The pandemic has also had a deadly effect on economies: the international mobility of both people and goods has halted, weakening industries such as tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even stores and local office buildings, which are usually crowded, have been empty for months, empty of employees and customers.

The epidemic has covered the planet – despite disproportionate deaths in Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America, as the virus has spread like wildfire in the absence of official containment protocols. But even in developed countries, containment has been a challenge.

The initial US policy of “severely discouraging citizens” from flying has proven deadly in its indulgence, which has accelerated the spread of the virus not only within the United States but across borders. However, a few countries did better – China in particular.

The Chinese government’s rapid imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine on all citizens, as well as its immediate and semi-hermetic closure of all borders, has saved millions of lives, stopped the spread of the virus much earlier than it is in other countries, and enabled it to be faster. Recovery after the pandemic …

By 2025, people seemed to be tired of a lot of top-down control and letting leaders and authorities make choices for them. ” https://thewatchtowers.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Rockefeller-Foundation.pdf

Even worse, the vaccines they are now trying to inject into every person on Earth are using CRISPR gene editing to alter DNA and brain structure in order to …

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