Harris faces criticism for warning Guatemalans


Olayemi Olurin, a New York attorney general, said in a Twitter message that she’s been “living legally in America” ​​since 2008. “I attended high school, college + law school here. I passed + I was accepted into the bar she said, “I Public defender I defend the constitutional rights of peoples. I still have no path to citizenship other than marriage. Be honest about immigration.” Olorin said she’s tired of “the myth that you can decide you want to live in America and fill out some paperwork and be done… wrong,” I tweeted. “It’s hard to get to America legally and it’s hard to stay.”


Alejandra Carabalo, civil rights attorney and former staff attorney on the LGBTQ bill at the New York Legal Assistance Group, chirp: “This narrative of educated people who easily obtain a superior education needs to be ended. I know friends who work in post-docs in Ivy who find it difficult to get immigrant visas instead of J-1s. Since when did immigration require a bachelor’s degree anyway? We should welcome everyone regardless of education.”


Sarah Rich, a senior supervising attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said in a statement: Permit It was issued on Wednesday that “seeking protection from violence and persecution is a fundamental human right, and the right to seek asylum is protected by US and international law.” Remarks Rich Harris said وقال “It flies in the face of the right to seek asylum in the United States and signals a disturbing continuity between the Trump administration and the Biden-Harris administration.”

Rich added in her statement:

The Vice President’s statements ignore our country’s long history of interfering in Central American affairs and supporting right-wing governments that massacred their own citizens and embezzled public money. The SPLC represents asylum seekers, and we know that people who flee in search of the relative safety of the United States do so because they fear for their lives and time is not a luxury they can afford.
“It was SPLC litigation The return of asylum seekers at the southern border has been challenged since the Trump administration, and the court has already ruled that US law requires immigration officers to screen and process all people arriving at ports of entry to seek asylum, rather than return them summarily. Vice President Harris’s public promise to return asylum seekers at the border ignores this legal obligation.
“Whether or not the Biden-Harris administration wants people to flee Central America, they will continue to do so, and the US government should welcome them with humanitarian policies that affirm their dignity and comply with the law. This administration has promised to break away from the racist, xenophobic, and anti-immigrant policies of President Trump and Stephen Miller — but On asylum, the policies of the Biden-Harris administration are the same. It is imperative that the Biden-Harris administration abandon the hateful anti-asylum policies of the previous administration and reaffirm its commitment to human rights.”

Representative Raul Ruiz, chair of the Hispanic congressional bloc, hill said He understood Harris’ warning as “a compassionate humanitarian plea due to the perils of making a long journey north… She has a difficult task and is very capable of achieving the goal of understanding the root causes of families leaving, together as a comprehensive plan to build hope for people to survive and thrive in their countries of origin.”

Julian Zelizer, a professor of public affairs at Princeton University, told the Political News website that what Harris says “would not be as important as whether she could provide a comprehensive solution to the immigration challenges facing the nation… Along the way, there are ups and downs and tremors, missteps, and accomplishments,” Zelizer added. “But what she will be assessing against is the bigger picture: Is immigration better handled by the time her term as vice president ends?”

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