Harris begins a Senate debate about emerging coronavirus relief, and Republicans bother themselves


As Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer She said, “We all know this will only delay the inevitable. And it will cause little more than a few sore throats for hard-working Senators.” He also said he was “pleased” that the public who actually supported the bill would be able to hear all the details about it. He added, “The senator from Wisconsin wants to give the American people another opportunity to hear what is in the American bailout plan. We democrats want America to hear what the plan includes.” Schumer has pledged to pass the law before the weekend ends, even if that means going to the weekend.


Johnson has every intention of making this go to the weekend, then if he can. It is assumed that Establishing shifts For the Republicans to force their vote on the amendments, so that they are indispensable in the vote vote. Johnson: “Devise a process that keeps people from getting burned. I get subscriptions. I schedule three shifts.” She said. It remains to be seen how successful this shift work at 3 am on Saturday, but Senator Mitt Romney – the “moderate” – is All for stalling tactics. This means that Republicans are largely unanimous in opposing schools having the money to reopen safely, to vaccinate teachers, and for their voters to receive financial aid, food and housing aid. And maybe they’ll get their jobs back.

Because that’s what the plan includes: all of that and more. Senate Democrats have made some fundamental changes to the The bill is passed by the House of Representatives last week. The most fundamental changes are the removal of the minimum wage of $ 15 an hour; Lower the threshold for Survival Checks of $ 1,400 to exclude people who make more than $ 80,000 / year (less than $ 100,000 on the House bill) or subscribers who make more than $ 160,000 (out of $ 200,000 in a House bill); Funding a bridge in New York and a California rail system. Unfortunately, an effort by CFO Ron Wyden to extend the unemployment payment was $ 400 per week through September Failed, And will end on August 29. But he has successfully resisted conservative Democrats’ efforts to reduce that aid to $ 300.

at Exchange for some It would provide more funding for rural hospitals and broadband expansion – more for the rural states represented by Republicans who oppose the bill. At the very least, the Democrats are looking for the Republican electorate. It will also provide more funding to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help the homeless, and change the formula for state and local aid to give smaller countries more money.

Once again, the Democrats are looking for Republican voters. Especially those in Alaska, Which will see its fisheries and tourism industry receive some additional boost, along with other small state aid. For all that, Lisa Murkowski, Senior Republican Senator from Alaska, Sound no In the initial procedural vote to submit the bill to the hall. But we’re all in this together, except for Republican lawmakers who don’t want any of this to happen.

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