Haaland has outlined the work of the interior since she took office


Many of Haaland’s updates revolve around the national parks, due to the national park’s commemoration this week.

Haaland, Laguna Pueblo, set out an announcement Friday morning for 16 new additions to the National Park Service’s Underground rail network to freedom, A program that preserves and promotes the history of sites that served as shelters for enslaved African Americans who hoped for their freedom. The 16 new sites join nearly 700 other sites in states such as Arkansas, Maryland, Michigan, among others.

“Our park system is our nation’s storyteller,” Haaland said. “I am keen to ensure that these national treasures help tell a more comprehensive and accurate story about our nation.”

Haaland joked, “I’ve always wanted to be a National Park ranger, and even though I haven’t got this job yet, I’m so excited that I’m going to have a chance tomorrow night to swear in some little guards.”

The Minister of the Interior said that her agency has I took steps To push offshore wind proposals in recent weeks in an effort to meet President Biden’s goal of tackling the climate crisis by leading the “clean energy revolution”.

On Monday, Haaland gave remarks at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues where she acknowledged the importance of ways of knowing indigenous people.

“With the knowledge of indigenous peoples, the world can usher in a new era of peace, justice and strong institutions to confront this moment and push our planet towards a more sustainable future,” Haaland He said in recorded remarks.

After Friday’s press conference, Haaland said she would hold the first meeting of the White House Council of Indigenous Affairs in the Biden administration with domestic policy advisor Susan Rice.


Before leaving, Haaland addressed a question about the current moratorium on oil and gas leases on federal land and water. She said that the temporary suspension of the new lease contracts will be in effect until the Ministry of Interior completes the review. After the review is completed, it will be presented to the chairperson who will make a decision to determine the next steps.

“Happy National Park Week,” she cheerfully told reporters at the White House before leaving the stage.

Haaland’s appearance comes after Jill Biden A two-day tour of the Navajo Nation this week. White House press correspondents described driving through the window of the tribal nation’s capital, Window Rock, as “a real city with shops.”

Biden met the Navajo leaders on Thursday, followed by a tour of a boarding school and nearby hospital on Friday, before returning to Washington.

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