GOP frustrated with GOP, TN does two steps, anti-mask attacks cancer patients


Tennessee is resuming some communication with parents about vaccinations

Two weeks ago, Tennessee started charging Back to the Middle Ages, where Republicans in the state legislature first lobbied the state health department to fire the vaccine director and end all vaccination events held on school property. Although the state Supreme Court has already ruled that minors have the right to be vaccinated even if their parents disagree, Tennessee has made sure they don’t get a chance to exercise that right — by removing the names of everyone under 18 from the health department’s database, until They are not notified of any vaccine available in their area.

It was all just a warm-up. Under increasing pressure from loud and victorious anti-science forces, Tennessee has taken several big steps forward: The state has halted all communication with children and parents about vaccinations. Not just COVID-19, but measles and polio are all working. Just for a moment, the anti-mind forces had a period of true joy: They took Tennessee back to those joyful times when the majority of graves in cemeteries were for children.

However, with variable high delta and a great deal of ink spilling over the crap of that decision, Tennessee decided to try and rejoin the 21st century team. as such Washington Post Reports, Tennessee Resumes Vaccine Awareness, Including Awareness of teens about the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We paused a lot of things, then resumed all of that,” Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Percy said. Although the section now appears to explicitly target all comments towards parents and not teenagers, despite this disturbing ruling that teens have the right to request vaccination themselves. One thing Tennessee hasn’t reflected: The former vaccine director is still out of work, despite the fact that she’s done nothing but give an exact answer when asked about access to vaccines.

Currently, less than 39% of people over the age of 12 have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Tennessee.

Conservative radio host ‘regrets not getting vaccinated’ after contracting COVID-19

Speaking of Tennessee, that state is home to cExpert radio expert Phil Valentine who, like hill Reports, now in the intensive care unit, about assisted breathing, after contracting COVID-19.

Valentine’s family released a statement saying that “Phil wishes his listeners to know that while he has never been ‘anti-vaccine’, he regrets not being ‘Pro-Vaccine’ so vigorously, and looks forward to being able to do so even more vigorously defending this position.” Once he’s back on the air, which we all hope will be soon.”

But as Watchman Reports, Valentine’s Day positions in the past have been little more than insufficiently pro-vaccine. Valentine raised concerns for volunteers who go from house to house, and “tried to make comparisons between hospital workers who had to indicate their COVID-19 vaccination status on their work ID badges with Jews being forced to wear yellow stars in Nazi Germany.”

And while Valentine has previously stated that he’s not anti-vaccination, he did so in a way that was in itself designed to reduce the need for a vaccine. “I’m just using common sense,” Valentine wrote in explaining why he wasn’t vaccinated. “What are my odds of getting COVID? It’s very low. What are my odds of dying from COVID if I get it? Maybe way less than 1%. I do what everyone should do, and that’s my personal assessment of health risks.”

Now he’s getting an unfortunate lesson in what happens when you try to play the odds instead of taking a sure bet.

Anti-masks attack breast cancer patient outside the clinic

If there is a guide on how to make your immoral movement even more despicable, one chapter might focus on what happens in Breast health services from Cedars-Sinai in West Hollywood, California. This is where a small group of anti-persuasion extremists chose to stage a protest…against the clinic’s requirement that everyone who enters the mask wear a mask. On Thursday, that led to a stand-off with a female patient — a confrontation in which protesters ended up beating a woman being treated for breast cancer.

The clinic’s insistence on wearing masks is simple enough, and clear to everyone involved: Cancer patients, including those undergoing chemotherapy, have severely weakened immune systems. Many of them cannot develop the antibodies needed to protect themselves from disease Even if they are vaccinated. This leaves them highly vulnerable to infection, at a point when many of them are physically exhausted and under severe stress from treatment and the cancer itself.

To be clear, anti-Masks are pushing an agenda that has no rational basis in the first place. Studies have found that wearing a mask It can play an important role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 as well as other diseases. It is also safe to wear masks, even for people Going through an intense workout. The anti-mask crowd has chosen to deliberately push their pro-disease agenda on people living in the midst of the most difficult, dangerous and frightening periods of their lives.

So it should come as no surprise that these protests – which have been going on for days – lead to angry confrontations; It includes You are a cancer patient and submerge it in bear spray.

Naturally, the reaction of the Right to this event was He announced that the cancer patient was an “antiviral plant.”” NS She denies that she is undergoing cancer treatment.

The patients who go to this clinic are already terrified. By organizing their protest here, anti-Masks know they can provoke outrage and cause confrontations. They can also win the World’s Worst People Award – which they wear with pride.

and do not forget …

Just because fear of the delta formula has caused some Republicans to scrap their anti-extremist rhetoric, doesn’t mean we still have such things.

“The Biden administration wants to knock down your door like the KGB to force people to get vaccinated!” Rep. Jason T. tweeted. Smith (R-Mo.) this month, distorted a new campaign to share information about the footage.

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