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What makes the Philips Airfryer XXL the best overall is that it is always the best for air frying, even with the larger family portions.

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Air fryers are truly a transformative kitchen gadget. If you like delicious and crunchy foods, these handy machines will allow you to cook your favorite fried snacks while shedding most of the unhealthy fats and oils. They have got a huge fan following, and if you want to join them then you can currently have a The best we have ever tested-The Philips Premium Air Fryer XXLGreat low price.

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This device, which usually retails for $ 299.95, is currently on sale on Amazon for only $ 229.95, which is a total savings of $ 70. We haven’t seen this device priced this low since November. While it’s still on the more expensive side of the kitchen appliances, we think it’s totally worth the cost of the device that lets you skip the fast food line to make all the crunchy desserts you dream of at home.

Get crunchy veggies, french fries, and more.

This jumbo sized machine was a force in our test kitchen, and it took our 1st place with the name Best Air Fryers 2021. We cooked anything we threw to perfection, from delicious french fries to delicious Brussels sprouts (so basically all the apps and sides you absolutely wanted), even handling a whole chicken with restaurant-quality results.

In particular, this model uses the “twin TurboStar” technology that allows the convection mechanism to distribute heat continuously with high-energy airflow. This hot air then cooks the food at a fast pace, removing the excess fat and oil that you get from traditional frying in the process. Even when preparing large quantities for family size, our tester discovered that Philips XXL performs on all fronts.

Although they are slightly larger than other air fryers and may take up extra space on your table, the results are, they say, well worth the effort. Moreover, the removable tray with non-stick coating and the food basket are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is easy.

Overall, this machine is fast, comfortable, and powerful – and thanks to this deal, you can add it to your kitchen arsenal for stealing.

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