From workplace rights to legal aid, Colorado has passed several pro-immigrant bills over the past year


In addition to the rights of agricultural workers (It was briefly mentioned earlier this week), other bills signed into law by Democratic Governor Jared Polis on Friday included data privacy for all, which the CIRC said limits the personal information that can be shared with agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement; The Immigrant Legal Defense Fund, which will establish financial resources for in-state immigrants who are detained but cannot afford legal representation; and create New Americans Office.

Denver Post Reports Other pro-immigration measures already passed have included “Cancellation Use of the term “illegal alien” In state law “(Words matter!),”expansion State Criminal Extortion Law To prohibit the threat to report someone’s immigration status to take advantage of it”, the legislation Allow immigrants without documents to apply for them housing assistance. “

NBC News in advance this month praised her as[a]It is arguably the most important measure to pass in the session.” Unfortunately, one of the voices featured in this report was Mark Krikorian, Leader Hate group designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center Center for Migration Studies. Of course, Mark really hates Bill. A friendly reminder to Mark and all his haters: illegal immigrants Pay billions in taxes every year.

In any case, Denver Post He said another bill that passed into law this year also included “Removal of Legal Presence as a Condition for Professional Licensing”. It can make all the difference in the world to people like Monserrat Ariza, a final year student studying Speech Language and Hearing Sciences at Metro University. Licensing requirements that prevent people without legal status from accessing professional licenses may prevent her dream of becoming a teacher. This law could change that. “Finally, all this hard work people have done, they will be recognized and they will be able to help the people they want to work with,” I told Denver Post.

Other bills are still waiting for the governor’s signature like SB21-009 To provide undocumented immigrants affordable access to contraceptives, and HB21-1266 to inform disproportionately affected communities of air quality problems.” He notes the contribution of one legislator in particular: “Rep. Naquita Rex, an Aurora Democrat, is the only immigrant in the legislature this year and has sponsored several bills, including the Immigrant Legal Defense Fund.”

Colorado is home to about 190,000 undocumented people. The state of Colorado has no authority to put them on the path to citizenship. Only Congress can do that — and it must. While we continue to push our legislatorsMore localities should follow states like Colorado and do everything they can to protect undocumented immigrant communities.

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