Fox News host Sean Hannity wrote the Trump 2020 campaign ad, and Donald Trump’s writing allegations كتاب


Fox News host Sean Hannity He was criticized for appearing at a Trump rally in 2018, but according to a new book he again participated in the Trump campaign in 2020, helping write an ad that aired on his previous show.

Honestly, we won this election: The Inside Story Of How Trump Lost, by Mike Bender, chief White House correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, to be published in August.

News of its contents has been reported, including “some amazingly funny discoveries” about Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, Tucker Carlson, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump “and the rest of the Trump people” Punchbowl News.

According to the news site, the advertisement known to Trump insiders as the “Hannity Ad” and “The Ad Written by Hannity” was shown only during the Hannity Show.

An anonymous Trump aide was quoted as saying “Hannity said this was our best place so far” but Bender says, “Within the campaign, the place was mercilessly mocked — mostly because of the dramatic and exaggerated language and message that seemed to value quantity over quality.

Donald Trump himself, in a post-election interview with Bender, did not argue that Hannity wrote the ad, which called [Joe] Biden “a 47-year-old swamp creature” accomplished nothing and supported a “radical socialist Green New Deal.”

Trump advisers have used such language attacking Biden’s long career in the Senate and as Vice President Barack Obama.

In October, for example, Senior Adviser Jason Miller reporters: “The contrast between Joe Biden’s 47-year-old swamp creature and President Trump’s businessman has been a major theme of this campaign and I expect that will be the case during Election Day.”

Bender reported that the Trump campaign thought Hannity’s ad was “so useless that they confined it to exactly one show: Hannity… If Trump and Hannity watched the scene on TV—and were content enough to stop asking about the ad—it seemed to be the best result of the ad. Cost This investment: $1.5 million.

Hannity denied writing the ad, telling Bender, “The world knows Sean Hannity supports Donald Trump. But my participation specifically in the campaign – no. I didn’t participate much. Anyone who said this is full of shit.”

But Hannity has a shape. In 2016, it was rebuke by Fox News after he endorsed Trump in his campaign video. In 2018, he appeared with Trump at a rally in Missouri – and was reprimanded again.

Ahead of the event, shortly before the November midterm elections, Hannity tweeted, “To be clear, I won’t be on campaign stage with the President. I’m covering the last rally for the show.” He then performed from the venue, asking viewers to vote Republican and chanting party slogans.

On stage, Trump praised his allies in Fox News, saying, “They are very special. They have done an amazing job for us. They have been with us since the beginning.”

Then he invited Hannity to join him. As I mentioned Associated Press, Hannity “embraces the president…and after echoing Trump’s traditional adjectives around the media, recites some economic statistics.”

Also featured on stage was another presenter, Janine Biro.

Amid a storm of criticism, Angelo Caruson, president of Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog, said Hannity’s behavior was “dangerous to democracy and a threat to a free press.”

Hannity He said He was surprised to be called on stage.

Fox News He said She did not “condone any talent involved in the events of the campaign… This was an unfortunate distraction and has been addressed.”

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