Flagstaff Hikes


There are numerous Flagstaff hiking trails you can pick from. The well-known Fatman’s Loop Trail is 2.4 miles long, with a few steep sections. The views are stunning and you can go on to the Eden Lookout Trail that connects to Mount Eden. Be aware, though, that there are no restrooms on the trail, and it is hard to spot it from Rt. 66 (past Flagstaff Mall).

Slate Mountain is located 20 miles north from downtown Flagstaff Hiking Trails and is a beautiful forest hiking trail. The trail can also be used as a mountain biking trail. The trail is a series of sedimentary rock layers, including granite, limestone, and sandstone. A guide to the geology of Flagstaff Area by John V. Bezy offers an interesting view of the landscape. This hike is a great choice for beginners to get used to the high altitude.

Another great excursion is the Sunset Crater Trail, which is about 20 miles to the north of Flagstaff. It is a primitive road that leads to the top of a volcanic cone. You’ll see beautiful hills on your hike including the famous Sunset Crater. The trail also traverses fallen tree trunks left over from the 2000 fire, which offer a creepy-cool glimpse of natural regeneration. Another popular hike in Flagstaff is the Painted Desert Trail, a short, but pleasant hike.

Flagstaff is known for being an ideal destination for hikers. The San Francisco Peaks, Arizona’s highest mountain range, are home to a wide variety of hiking trails. Hikers can expect to walk through wildflower meadows, fern ravines, and aspen groves. Many trails end at stunning mountain tops like Mount Humphreys. However, the area’s winter conditions of snow and ice can make hiking difficult in some areas.

The Lava River Cave is another hike in Flagstaff. The trail winds through a cave that was formed by lava. It’s open year-round, though it is most enjoyable in summer. It is located near U.S. 89, it is about 9 miles north of Flagstaff. Follow FR 171 north of town to reach Lava River Cave. It’s one of the most fascinating Flagstaff hikes. If you’ve never been to the Lava River Cave, you’ll be amazed!

The Kachina Trail is another popular hike in Flagstaff. The trail, which runs through the Kachina wilderness, will take you to many Native American landmarks. These mountains are sacred to the Hopi tribe and you’ll want to be respectful of these ancient artifacts. You could be penalized for taking artifacts. Flagstaff is a stunning area to hike so be considerate.

From the Kachina Trail, you can access the Weatherford and Humphreys Trails. Both trails have long loops, which makes them ideal for backpacking and ultra-athletic trail runners. The Weatherford Trail starts at Snowbowl Road. The out-and-back trail is approximately two miles long. At the bottom of Kachina Trail is a parking lot. You’ll be rewarded by breathtaking views of Flagstaff when you get to the summit.

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