Five Tips To Live A Stress-Free Life


Good grades at school, learning for that exam, playing sports in the evening, and keeping your social life going. Our generation is busier than ever. Even something as simple as buying a jar of peanut butter is difficult because there are 40 flavors and versions of it nowadays.

Those feelings of continuous performance generate choice stress and pent-up, subcutaneous emotions. How can we best deal with this? 5 tips against stress at a glance:

1. Shift your focus to the other

It may sound crazy, but stress and negative emotions can sometimes lead to self-pity. “I have problems, while the others have a perfect life” (we know that’s not true, but still). Instead of plopping down on the couch with a bowl of chips, turning on Netflix, and feeling sorry for yourself, there is a much better option: shift your focus to the other person! List and seek out people who you know to appreciate companionship or help. Have lunch with a friend, bake a cake for your grandmother, or help your dad do the gardening. By focusing on the other, you realize that there are more important things than your own ‘troubles.’

2. Get rid of your stress

Often, stress stems from relationships. We are in our stomach with a friendship that is not going well, a classmate who does not value us, or an argument with our parents. What is essential then: throw it out! Have a conversation with that person. Admittedly, this can be exciting, especially for introverts. If that step is too big, writing down emotions and thoughts is also a good option. Bottled-up emotions are unhealthy, so talk or write them off.

3. Get moving

Mens sana in corpore sano . A healthy mind in a healthy body. Consciously in Latin, because everything in Latin is true, of course, But seriously: it is a fact that sports and exercise have a stress-reducing effect. Zero the mind and go. Some people also use their run to talk to God quietly. That is also good for your heart, so you kill two birds with one stone!

4 . Look for nature

Nothing more restful than His Creation. Go for a walk through the polder or the forest. Don’t think: that’s too much trouble. Nature is always nearby. If necessary, watch the movement of the clouds for a few minutes. It is also an incredible spectacle and can even be done on the way there or back to college (stop walking, because that lamppost won’t budge).  Nature is great, so our stress is minor. The Hampton Health & Fitness Club is a unique Midlands based Health Club specializing in results based exercise.You can approach this club for your mental health.

5. Surrender control

Whether it is about school, work, or love: we prefer to keep the reins in our own hands. We want to plan everything because having and keeping control gives a safe feeling. You decide, no one else. But the more desperate we want to be in control, the more stress it creates. If you look at the Bible, that’s not what God wants for us. Difficult as it is, we must learn to trust God. Give the control, and all our plans, to Him. He will take care of us. Pray, give your stress to Him, and He will return a sense of peace in return.

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