First case of Lambda Covid variant reported in Los Angeles – Deadline


The first case that has been talked about a lot lambda variable From Corona virus disease-19 mentioned before Angels Health officials on Thursday. But despite all the hype, Lambda doesn’t seem to be a big match for the Delta — yet.

“We saw one type of Lambda among the tests that were sequenced in our labs, and that was a sample from June,” said Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County Public Health Director. The fact that Lambda was sequenced in June and has not been found since then seems to indicate that it is not spreading quickly—if at all—in the county which, according to Freer, has seen the Mighty. delta variable It represents “99% of all sequences last week”.

Lambda was first identified in Peru in December 2020, according to the World Health Organization. It has become the dominant strain in South America, has spread abroad and been identified as a variant of interest by the World Health Organization. Scientists are still trying to understand whether lambdas are more transmissible july study, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, suggested that Lambda might be able to evade Vaccines.

Los Angeles only genetically sequences a small number of positive test samples each week that medical experts have identified as potential variants of interest or concern.

But even at the state level, the number of Lambda variants appears to be very small. California It analyzes far more tests than its largest province – although in July it examined only 5% of all identified Covid cases. As of August 11, 99,260 samples have been sequenced in California. Only 152 lambda infections have been identified, the first probably as early as 2020, to me CalMatters citing state public health officials.

The state published an updated list of sequence variants so far on Friday that did not include numbers for Lambda, but noted that “this is not a complete list of completed sequences yet.” It did, however, indicate that delta variant sequences had increased to 10,507. This is nearly fivefold from the 2,142 delta cases identified as of July 14, which was a sevenfold increase from the 286 delta-related cases found in June 9. Delta made these leaps even though it didn’t record in the state’s April census.

Featured Database Offers Only 914 cases of Lambda have been reported in the United States so far, and only 14 have been identified in the past two weeks.

If Lambda was here early last year and is only now starting to score high in the state and national hierarchy, it has long been rivaled by the recently accessed Delta variant that is now dominant.

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