Fauci warns that coronavirus cases could rise as countries relax restrictions


States have continued to steadily lift restrictions, despite warnings from senior federal health officials such as Dr. Anthony S. Fauci that new coronavirus cases in the United States have stabilized at a very high level after the sharp decline has stopped, and that the country urgently needs to contain more spread. Transferable variables.

Arizona, California and South Carolina joined a growing list on Friday by easing restrictions to varying degrees. The Arizona governor has ended capacity limits imposed on companies, but said they should still order masks. The Republican governor of South Carolina lifted the mandate for the state’s mask in government buildings, while recommending that restaurants continue to require masking.

California will allow theme parks, outdoor sports and live events in the stadiums to restart on April 1, with reduced capacity and mandatory masks.

“We’ve recently had the worst increase,” said Dr. Fauci on Friday. During a White House briefing on the Coronavirus, Adding that the country stabilized between 60 thousand and 70 thousand new cases per day. “When you have this amount of viral activity in a stable area, it always means you are at risk of another spike.”

The average new cases in seven days were around 61,000 days as of Friday, the lowest average since October, according to New York Times Database. But that number is still close to its highest peak last summer.

The death toll is declining, in part due to the Vaccinations in nursing homes. Yet the nation still remains It routinely reports 2,000 deaths in one day.

Dr Fauci warned that the United States may follow the same treacherous path that Europe has taken recently.

He said, “They have settled down.” “Now, over the past week, they’ve seen an increase in cases of 9 percent, which is something we really want to avoid.”

He warned that the virus was mutating as it reproduced, a process that could be extended when people who are immunocompromised. He said maintaining masks, hand washing, and social distancing are urgent.

Variant B.1.1.7, first identified in Britain, is spreading so rapidly in the US that data analysis indicates that as of this week, it had the most It is likely responsible for 20 percent of new cases in the United States. Scientists in Oregon have identified one case of a local variant with the same backbone as B. It carries a mutation that could reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

Earlier this week, Texas and MississippiBoth countries are led by Republicans, uplifted mask mandates. President Biden Denounce those moves As a “fatal flaw” it reflects “Neanderthal thinking,” saying it is crucial for public officials to follow the guidance of doctors and public health leaders as the coronavirus vaccination campaign gains momentum.

Other Republicans were more cautious. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said he will lift all public health measures aimed at curbing the virus crisis, but once new cases there drop below a certain limit. In Alabama, Gov. Kai Evie She said she would extend the state mask’s mandate until April 9.

In Arizona, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey took what he called a “calculated approach” that forbade local leaders from taking measures that would shut down businesses and allow major league sports to restart if they get approval from the state’s Department of Health Services.

Among the Democrats, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Tuesday that she was Relax restrictions on business Family members who have tested positive for the coronavirus will be allowed to visit residents of the nursing home. In California, the state Department of Public Health also loosened some restrictions Friday, saying the theme parks areIt can reopen on a limited basis as soon as possible from April 1.

In New York City, Limited indoor dining he is back. And on Thursday, the Connecticut governor said the state It will expire capacity limits Later this month on restaurants, gyms and offices. Masks are still required in both places.

Dr. Rochelle B. Walinsky, director of the Centers for Disease and Prevention, states that countries have not loosened their restrictions yet. A new report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that counties that allowed restaurants to open for in-person dining in the United States had Increase in daily injuries Weeks later. The study also said that counties that issued mandates for the masks reported a decrease in virus cases and deaths within weeks.

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